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eSIM Canada: Everything You Need to Know

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The eSIM technology, also known as embedded SIM cards, has changed the way customers manage their mobile phone services. The growing adoption of this innovation in Canada has sparked renewed interest in the eSIM card and its numerous advantages, particularly in terms of mobile plans.


This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the eSIM card and its impact on the telecommunications industry, particularly in terms of mobile plans in Canada. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a tech-savvy smartphone user, or simply curious about the latest advancements in connectivity, this guide is tailored to your needs.

What is an eSIM card?

An embedded SIM card (eSIM) is an electronic version of the traditional SIM card. It eliminates the need for a physical card because it is integrated directly into the device. During activation, the device downloads an electronic profile, which allows it to connect to the mobile network. The eSIM is ideal for travelers and users of multiple plans because it allows them to switch operators without needing a physical card. It is increasingly common in many connected devices.

How does an eSIM work?

The embedded SIM card, also known as eSIM, differs from the traditional SIM card. Instead of relying on a removable small card, the eSIM is directly integrated into the device, which could be a smartphone, tablet, or another compatible device. The management and activation of data associated with the eSIM can be done remotely, eliminating the need to physically handle the SIM card.

In other words, when the user activates an eSIM, an electronic profile is downloaded and installed on the device. This profile contains all of the information required to establish a secure connection with the mobile network of the telecommunications operator. As a result, the eSIM allows users to select and switch between different operators without physically changing their SIM card.

This technology improves flexibility, especially for travelers and people who want to use multiple mobile plans on the same device. Furthermore, the eSIM activation process incorporates robust authentication protocols, which improve security. In summary, the eSIM simplifies the management of mobile connections while offering a more adaptable and flexible solution than the traditional SIM.

What is an iSIM card?

The iSIM card, also known as Integrated SIM, is a more advanced version of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) technology than the eSIM. Unlike eSIM, iSIM is integrated directly into the device’s hardware, such as the chipset or wireless communication module.

iSIM provides an even more integrated solution by pre-installing the SIM card at the device’s electronic component level. This can save space, money, and design by eliminating the need for a dedicated chip or slot for the SIM card.

Phones compatible with eSIM

The list of phones that support eSIM is constantly evolving as new models are released to the market. Here are some examples of typical eSIM-compatible phones:





Other eSIM-compatible phones

List of providers offering eSIM-compatible plans in Canada

To install an eSIM correctly, the first step is to contact your mobile provider. While many major telecommunications brands offer eSIM plans, not all Canadian operators do yet. Here are some examples of how major providers handle eSIM activation:

eSIM plans are also available from several smaller providers. Customers can purchase them directly from them or through their websites. If your current provider does not offer eSIM plans, you should inquire about future offerings and check for updates frequently.

Go through Simbud

Simbud is a specialized eSIM card comparison platform that provides a free and unbiased solution for narrowing down the best available deals. The platform’s goal is to simplify the comparison process for various eSIM card options on the market.

It is important to note that there are no direct costs for users who use Simbud to search for plans. Their business model is based on established partnerships with providers, in which they receive a percentage of the total purchase price directly from the providers.

Simbud enables users to make well-informed decisions by providing a neutral and informative platform that assists them in selecting the best eSIM card for their specific needs.

Do you like eSIM or not?

The eSIM technology is gaining popularity as a promising innovation, providing numerous benefits for frequent travelers and professionals who rely on their smartphones. If you’re thinking about getting an eSIM card in Canada, make sure you have the right device and select the right provider to get the best deals. However, choosing the best mobile plan after setting up your eSIM can be difficult. Planhub steps in to simplify the process. Our cell phone plan search tool is easy to use: simply enter your postal code and phone number, and our website will do the rest. To start, click the button below.

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