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Family Day: Best Plans for the Whole Family

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While most Canadian provinces celebrate Family Day on February 19, 2024, at PlanHub we have decided to discuss the best mobile and internet plans for families that are currently available in Canada. PlanHub allows you to compare cellular and internet plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your family.

This special day off from work and school is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, whether through outdoor activities, a trip to the movies, or simply sharing a meal. Make the most of Family Day 2025 by looking into plans on PlanHub that meet your family’s needs.

All the details about the family celebration

Most Canadian provinces celebrate Family Day on the third Monday of February. Families can take a well-deserved break from work and school to spend quality time together. The main goal of this day is to strengthen family bonds by participating in various activities and making unforgettable memories.

Whether it’s spending time outdoors in the winter, exploring the natural world, having a special dinner, or just lounging around the house, the purpose of this day is to celebrate and build relationships within the family.

Best Family Phone Plans in Canada

The best choices for a family cell plan are typically provided by Rogers, Bell, and Telus, Canada’s three largest telecom providers. At least three devices can share an unlimited amount of monthly data thanks to these providers’ unlimited data packages. All plans do, however, have a high-speed data cap. For instance, an unlimited 20 GB plan allows you and your family to use 20 GB of high-speed data. Everyone will still be able to use their mobile data after the 20 GB have been used, but at much slower speeds.

The big three providers offer similar savings for families. With every phone line you add to the family plan, you save an additional sum of money. As a result, families are encouraged to purchase larger chunks of data as a family, rather than individual plans. Larger families are rewarded for adding more phone lines to the same plan. If you find a plan with the perfect data limit that your family never manages to exceed, you’ll never be able to go back!

Best Family Sharing Deal

While Bell, Telus, and Rogers’ unlimited data plans have many similarities, there are a few notable differences. If your family plan only includes two or three phone lines, the savings are nearly identical across the three providers. 

However, for families of four or more, Telus’s unlimited plan is the best option for family sharing. With four members, you save $15 per line, or $60 per month. Each additional line saves users $15, and you can add up to nine family members. In total, your family could save $135 per month on their phone plan.

Best Internet Plans for the Whole Family

Canadians are encouraged to look for an internet plan that meets their family’s needs in addition to their phone plans. If your family frequently uses the internet for activities such as gaming, online meetings, and video streaming, you may need a larger internet package with faster download speeds. Conducting an internet speed test is critical for evaluating the performance of your current plan. This crucial first step can help you determine the type of contract that best meets your needs.

The best Internet plans in Canada offer impressive speeds at reasonable prices. When looking for a new plan, think about the exclusive offers available in your province. While local providers frequently provide some of the fastest Internet plans, other operators offer enticing deals that allow Canadians to save significantly. For example, Fizz Internet offers download speeds of 60 Mbps for $45 per month and 200 Mbps for $55 per month to families in Ontario and Quebec.

However, residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island have the option of using Eastlink. This provider provides fiber internet packages with speeds of 350 Mbps for around $84.95 per month and 940 Mbps for $89.95 per month. The internet plan you choose is determined by your location. By taking into account your family size, current internet speed, and budget, you will undoubtedly find beneficial plans to meet your family’s needs.

Bundled Plans for a Comprehensive Experience

Bundled plans often offer significant savings over individual internet and mobile plan prices. Providers may also include benefits like extra mobile data, streaming TV channels, or even online security services.

Exploring the bundled plans available in your area allows you to maximize benefits while simplifying service management. Check out the offerings from companies like Rogers, Bell, and Telus, which frequently offer combined packages tailored to the needs of families.

During your PlanHub search, look into bundled plans to find the best solution for your family’s internet and mobile service needs.

Don’t miss out on great deals for your family.

As you can see, Canada offers a wide range of affordable options for families. Whether you want to save money on a shared mobile data package or a fast internet plan, you have a lot of options. Finding the best plan for you and your family will take some time, but the results will be substantial financial gains as well as improved quality of life!

We hope you have a wonderful Family Day this year. As always, we’ll be available to help you choose your next internet or mobile plan. In addition to the recommendations made in this article, we provide a range of services to assist Canadians in selecting the best plan. Our internet and mobile plan search tools can help you find the best plan in a matter of seconds. After answering basic questions, PlanHub handles the rest. In no time, you can scroll through a list of the best plans in your province that match your needs and select your preferred plan!

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