As three flanker brands of the three major Canadian providers, our guide compares the benefits of Fido vs Koodo vs Virgin.

Fido vs Koodo vs Virgin

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It’s not easy choosing a cell phone provider. In our previous articles, we listed the best wireless offers of the moment. But when the prices are identical, what differentiates one provider from another? You asked the question and we will answer you through this article by comparing Fido vs Koodo vs Virgin. They are all sub-brands that belong to one of the Big-3 telecommunications companies Bell, Rogers and Telus.

These three cell phone providers offer plans aimed at a younger clientele. Their low rate plans are very varied. However, there exist various user profiles, we listed you information which will enable you to visualize the differences which exist between mobile Virgin, Koodo and Fido.

Koodo vs Fido



Koodo belongs to the Telus company and proposes cell phone plans with data on a 4G network. The coverage area is 99% in Canada. Koodo vs Fido is an interesting matchup, as both companies offer extensive nationwide coverage and simplified user experiences.

Koodo does not have a phone application, but it is possible to connect on your account via the site in the “self-service” section. This enables you to pay your invoices online and to have access to your data usage.

The plans suggested by Koodo go from $30 / month for the least expensive to $129 / month for the most expensive.



Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers, and proposes a network 4G. Fido has a coverage area of 96% in Canada.
The name of the application of Fido is “Fido my account”, and is available for iOs and Android. This application enables you to visualize the information relating your monthly usage, like the amount of data that you used, or relation to your invoices and your current plan options.

Fido offers you a cell phone plans starting at 35 $ per month for least expensive, up to 120 $ per month for the most expensive. You can take advantages of special perks like Fido’s “5 hours of data”, for unlimited data use for 5 hours per month, or the access to a Premium subscription to Spotify for a 6 month period.
To access Fido XTRA, you need to go on their mobile application, and there you’ll discover each Thursdays special offers of the week. These are offers touching several categories, like clothing, entertainment or food. Choose your promotion, your gifts and enjoy!

Virgin Plus vs Koodo

Virgin mobile

Virgin Plus belongs to the company Bell covering 99% of the Canadian population. Many cell phone plans are proposed to you at 4G speed, and with this Virgin Mobile as acquired many users. A free application named “my account” is also available, and enables you to manage, control your plan subscription and pay your invoices via your mobile. The cell phone plans go from $35/month for the plan the least expensive one, to $120/month for the most expensive. Virgin Plus vs Koodo is another interesting matchup. Both providers offer similar prices and coverage, whereas Virgin shines with its exclusive membership offers.

Virgin Plus proposes to its customers advantages like free and unlimited calls on evening between 17:00 and 7:00 in the morning as well as in the weekends, but also discounts and special retail offers in different fields such as the entertainment, the fashion, the travel, etc.


Mobile Virgin, Koodo and Fido offer almost the same cell phone plans. We can differentiate them thanks to the services and advantages which they offer like the gifts or reductions. All this will enable you to tip the scales towards one cell phone provider or another.

To have more information concerning the cell phone plans at Virgin, Koodo and Fido, you can use the comparator, which will allow you to have access to the latest offers of the moment.

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  1. Difficult for me . I live in Odessa, Ontario and my provider is Koodo. My plan is very inexpensive at 15 a month. Unlucky me I have an old phone and cannot get phone calls or make some inside my house. Someone told me to buy a phone unlocked that’s newer and test it at home. Apparently the problem is about me owning an old phone. My phone is ALCATEL Icon Pop – Android 4.4 . What do you suggest I do: buy a newer phone and stay with Koodo OR buy a new phone and maybe a new provider.

  2. Kodoo is the best
    If you change provider or carrier you will not get li
    Low prices. All other carriers are expensive
    … they belong to Bell ?

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