The open Galaxy Z Fold 3, which many Google Pixel Fold rumours believe it will resemble.

Google Pixel Fold Rumours

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As one of the most beloved smartphone manufacturers, Google has millions of dedicated fans and users worldwide. As a result, there are always rumours circulating about their upcoming releases. Much like the ongoing iPhone 14 rumours, these speculations and leaks can occur for a year before launch. Despite the approaching release of the Pixel 6, online rumour mills are already buzzing about another device: A Google Pixel Fold phone. Just like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, this phone would flip open to reveal a large display the size of a tablet. Although Google has yet to make an official announcement, there are several reliable leaks and rumours pointing towards a foldable phone from Google. Read through this post to see what speculators are predicting as the Google Fold’s design, release date, price and more.

Google Upcoming Phone: Design and Display

Most online sources predict that the Google Fold’s design will resemble the Galaxy Z Fold 3, rather than something like the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This prediction comes from a series of patents filed by Google which online users have noticed. The first patent highly resembles the Galaxy design. It appears as a small compact touchscreen phone, with a central hinge. Upon opening, the handheld device expands into a much larger screen, reminiscent of a tablet. However, the second patent reveals a much more interesting design for the potential Google upcoming phone. This patent shows a phone which folds in three different places, allowing for a more dynamic experience when opening and closing the device. The Pixel Fold is expected to measure 7.6 inches when folded closed, although no current leaks suggest how large its tablet display could be.


In addition to the two patents, many users have also pointed out some important deals between Google and Samsung. As one of the primary suppliers of phone parts and accessories, they regularly sell their tech to even their biggest competition, with Google being no exception. In this case, the two companies have formed a deal regarding Samsung’s foldable OLED panels. These panels allow for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3’s captivating display, which can easily fold open and closed. Additionally, Samsung will be supplying Google with their ultra thin glass layer, which allows for their foldable devices to remain sturdy and durable. Due to these supply deals, it seems highly likely that Google is planning on manufacturing their own foldable smartphones. Even further, their two recent patents make this rumour seem even more plausible.

Google Pixel Fold Release Date

Since there is no official announcement for the device, there is no official Google Pixel Fold release date. Regardless, we can try to predict a potential announcement or release date for this exciting new device. Google is hosting a launch event for the Pixel 6 on October 19th. Obviously, the purpose of this event is to show off the specs and design of their latest flagship phone. However, the public event could be a great opportunity for them to announce something new. It seems ambitious, but we would love to see an official announcement for a Google Pixel Fold on October 19th. 


If Google’s fold phone is not announced on the 19th, when can we expect an announcement? Even further, when can we expect an official worldwide release? Fortunately, a reputable leak has claimed to uncover Google’s 2021 release schedule. In addition to the Pixel 5a and 6, the leaked document also details a folding phone set to release in 2021. Many other leakers, speculators and tech YouTubers have supported this theory, and claim that the device will be launched towards the end of the year, or the beginning of 2022. So, if we don’t see a teaser or announcement on the 19th, we can (hopefully) expect one within the next few months.

Google Pixel Fold Price

With such little information on Google’s folding phone, we must speculate when it comes to pricing. Fortunately, there are other foldable devices whose prices we can use as a reference. Currently, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the most popular folding smartphone. Depending on how much internal storage you need, a new Fold 3 could cost Canadians between $1259.99 and $2409.99. So, we can expect a similar range for the Google Pixel Fold price. Google may try to introduce a lower price to compete with the Fold 3. However, Canadians should still expect to pay over $1000 if they want a brand new device. 

Google Fold Camera

Again, when it comes to the Google Fold camera and other specs, all we can truly do is speculate and compare. Of course, the Pixel phones boast some of the best cameras on the market. So, we’d expect to see some state-of-the-art camera performance from their folding phone. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 includes two different selfie cameras, one for each form. With Google’s device, we’d expect to see something similar. Users can open up their phones and use a wider lens to take a more detailed photo, while being able to capture more people. 


In terms of other specs, we can expect the Google Fold to be 5G compatible. Additionally, we can expect it to be equipped with Google’s Tensor chipset, much like the Pixel 6. Due to Google’s deals with Samsung, we can also predict its refresh rate. By using Samsung’s ultra thin glass layer with LTPO technology, which ensures a 120Hz refresh rate. If these three predictions are true, the Fold could be one of Google’s most powerful devices, as well as one of their most unique devices.

Wishful Thinking

With most articles focused on upcoming releases, we tend to include a wishful thinking section. Here, we outline features that we want to see, regardless of how realistic they are. For the Pixel Fold, we definitely want to see a similar design to the second patent, which can fold from three different places. With this design, the device will stand out from its competition. In addition, we hope that the Fold’s camera is Google’s strongest one yet. With this new smartphone, it would feel incredible to take stunning photos, then fold open the device to see it on a larger display. Users can then interact with the image, zoom, or edit it on a more impressive display.


In terms of software, we would like to see more AR technology incorporated into the Fold. With the capacity to become such a large device, it would be a great opportunity to introduce more features. Google could introduce interactive games which require the user to flip back and forth between the device’s smartphone and tablet form while interacting with the outside world. Alternatively, the Fold could introduce improved versions of features like Google Lens with the device’s enlarged screen. 


Sadly, we are still in the very early stages of rumours and speculation for the Pixel fold. Unfortunately, all we can truly do at this stage is wait. In the meantime, we will keep our fingers crossed for Google to make some kind of announcement or teaser to fuel more hype within the next few months. Hopefully, Google’s addition to the folding phone family could inspire more companies to produce their own. Within the next few years, all major phone manufacturers could introduce their own foldable designs. Regardless, we will make sure to keep you posted on any and all news related to the Google Pixel Fold.


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