Here are the prices of the Galaxy S23 in Canada

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(Translation of an original PlanHub article)

As we expected, the Galaxy S23 is undergoing a price increase, while the most expensive version, the 1 TB S23 Ultra, is over $2000.

Samsung has finally unveiled the price list for the Galaxy S23 and get ready, with inflation the prices are quite expensive. No version is under 1000$. You’ll even have to pay a minimum of $1500 with taxes for the Galaxy S23+.

Samsung Galaxy S23

  • 128GB – 1099.99
  • 256GB – 1179.99

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Samsung Galaxy S23+

  • 256GB – 1399.99
  • 512GB – $159.99
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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

  • 256GB – $1399.99
  • 512GB – $159.99
  • 1TB – $2209.99
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Fortunately, many carriers are offering to pre-order the Galaxy S23, while subscriptions are already available. Bell is even offering the 256GB Galaxy S23 for the price of the 128GB version!

If you really want to get the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ or Galaxy S23 Ultra at an affordable price, the best thing to do is to sign up for a commitment that will allow you to save on the phone. By shopping for large volumes, phone carriers can benefit from discounts and can thus lower prices to pass on to their customers.

In any case, the 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra has well passed the $2,000 mark as we predicted. This is a new psychological barrier that has just fallen, like when Apple was the first to offer a phone over $1000. It’s clear that these phones are actually extremely powerful and compact computers, not to mention technology like the 200 Mpix sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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