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How To Get Cheap Internet

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How to get cheap Internet? Well, here’s the TLDR version: Use PlanHub! To find the best and cheapest Internet deals to suit your needs:

  • If you are happy with your current speeds: Use PlanHub’s free Speed test tool to test your current Internet speeds and see who else is offering those speeds or better in your area for a better price. Or
  • If you would like to start fresh: Use PlanHub’s free comparison tool which will help you evaluate your needs and find the cheapest Internet deals to best fit your needs!
  • If you’re moving: Use PlanHub’s free Internet Score tool to test what the speeds are in your new neighbourhood and find the best and cheapest Internet deals available there even before you move! 

 That’s the TLDR, but for those of you who have a bit more time, we’ll explain what factors you need to consider when choosing the best and cheapest Internet deals for your home. 

Finding Cheap Internet

Finding cheap Internet really mostly depends on your usage as well as the service available in your area. Let’s say for instance, you love gaming and streaming 4K live videos as opposed to your neighbor, who probably only needs enough internet to browse through her facebook and instagram feed. Stating the obvious, but your cheap Internet will look a lot different from your neighbour’s cheap Internet, as it should. Similarly, if you live in a remote area, your cheapest options would look a lot different from someone who lives in big, densely populated, urban areas.

Finding a good deal on an Internet plan that is right for you is as much about evaluating your needs as it is about the price of the plan. Your needs will depend upon your usage pattern, numbers of connected users and devices in your home, and the speed you need vs what you are getting. We will elaborate on these criteria below to help you choose the best and most economical Internet plans that will fit your needs. 


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Where To Get Cheap Internet? 

First the essentials: If you’re wondering where to get cheap Internet, the answer is – on PlanHub! We know that there are plenty of service providers offering various packages and promotions and sorting through all their plans and offers and promotions can seem a tad bit confusing. It’s for that precise reason that we created a free internet comparison tool. We compare prices, plans, promotions and offers from hundreds of different ISPs to present to you the best deals in your area that fits your needs. You can filter options based on your postal code, city, province and internet speed and find your best match within seconds. 

Determine your usage: 

Now as we mentioned briefly above, the best and cheapest Internet for your needs also depends upon your usage and the speeds you need. For some, having 10mbps of speed would suffice, while some would need at least 75mbps to satisfy all their Internet needs. Having a clear picture of your usage and requirements will help you narrow down to the best internet option, faster. 

You can check your Internet Speed here and find the cheapest plans offering that speed or better in your area.


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Also keep in mind other criteria such as the number of devices that will be connected as well as the number of users in your household and your household’s collective usage before deciding on the speeds and bandwidth that you will require. 

Our Step Questionnaire will help you determine your needs and will suggest the best deals in your area for your needs.


Other things to keep in mind:

  • Some providers can sell or rent you a modem or reduce the price if you already own your own modem. And prices can vary based on modem rental and sale. 
  • Check if your potential service provider is charging an installation fee. 
  • The type of services available in your location i.e. DSL vs cable vs fibre optic. Prices and speeds can vary based on the type of service available. 


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So now that you know how to get the best cheap internet for your home, what are you waiting for – go ahead and find the best, cheap Internet deal for your home. 

Happy searching! 


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