Luna, Amazon’s streaming game service comes to Canada

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We have just tested Luna, the video game streaming service from Amazon. Mixed first impressions…

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It is through a press release that Amazon has finally announced the availability of its video game streaming service Luna in Canada. After Google and its now-defunct Stadia, Amazon is also trying to make a place for itself in the world of streaming games. Unfortunately, the technical constraints and the cost of the subscription could be an obstacle to its success, while the order lag is still present, even if it seems a little less pronounced than with Stadia.

Easy to use

Connecting to Luna is easy, but the service only works with Chrome and Edge on PC for now. Good point, it automatically recognizes Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but not third-party controllers like the Thrustmaster eSwap.

luna in canada

A mixed model between free and subscription

Many games are available, but only a few can be played with your Amazon Prime subscription. To access all the titles, you’ll need to sign up for the Luna+ subscription for $9.99 per month.

Luna also has a partnership with Ubisoft. If you own Ubisoft games or are a Ubisoft+ or Game Pass subscriber, games purchased or included in your other subscriptions are playable at no extra charge.

This formula is more interesting than what Stadia offered where you had to buy your games. The only regret is that the number of games is extremely limited for the moment, but we note the presence of some key series such as Resident Evil.

Playability, technical: advantages to consoles and PC

It was impossible to run games in a resolution higher than 1080p, while we were limited to 30 frames per second. On a screen with a resolution higher than 1080p, the image is severely lacking in definition. We can console ourselves with games that have the graphics settings set to High.

As for gameplay, the lag time inherent in streaming is still present on the PC, but it gets better once we launch a game in 5G on our test Pixel 7. On the other hand, your data plan will run out very quickly.


The Luna experience is a bit better than with Stadia, but still very far from offering the gaming comfort or visuals of a console or PC. The 5G and its 1ms response time help for the controls, but at a price for the data that may dissuade many.

This is a service that is still in its beginning and will develop. However, the question remains the same as for Stadia. How long will Amazon support this platform knowing that gamers are shunning streaming services?

Luna can be interesting if you have to play your Ubisoft games away from home. It can be handy when travelling to play from the airport or hotel if you haven’t succumbed to the Steam Deck. For the rest, consoles like the Xbox Series X/s, PS5 or a current PC offer an infinitely superior gaming experience.

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