If you're looking to gift your mom something other than a bouquet of flowers then check out our Mothers Day Canada 2022 tech gift guide.

Mothers Day Canada 2024 : Tech Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day Canada 2023 is just around the corner, and we know some of you are really looking forward to making it a special one for your mothers. 

We also know that some of you think it’s a tad bit cliche to celebrate our moms just once in 365 days – well, twice including their birthdays’. Arguably so, our birth givers should be celebrated all day, every day for everything they do for us and more. 

But perhaps this one day should be dedicated to making them feel just how special they truly are.

In today’s blog post, we’ve decided to help those who are thinking beyond giving a bear hug or a card from the dollar store to their moms who are just as special too. 

But we’re going to cover some Mother’s Day Canada 2023 gift ideas absolutely worth considering. 

Mother’s Day Canada Gift Ideas

A Bouquet of flowers is nice, but a little tech upgrade would be nicer.

Make your mama feel extra loved this Mother’s day Canada with these cool gift ideas.  

Cool Smartphone For a Cool Mom

Goes without saying, mums are wonderful and deserve wonderful things. So instead of a little outfit shopping-spree this year, how about you upgrade her to a new smartphone? 

And let’s just agree, mothers will never quite admit how obsolete their phones are, and are most likely due for a smartphone upgrade. Yes, even if your mom is okay using your second-hand iPhone 6, it’s time you gave her a brand new smartphone. So if you’ve been thinking about getting your mum a new smartphone, consider this your sign. 

Whether your mom simply likes using a smartphone for texting, facetime or selfies, there are plenty of great deals on smartphones on PlanHub and they’re amazing, to say the least. 

  • The best deals on iPhone 13 in Canada exist, and PlanHub has them all!
  • Everyone’s been swooning over the Galaxy S22 series lately, maybe even your mothers. So why not get her one? Check out the most amazing deals on Samsung Galaxy S22 as well as Samsung Galaxy A53 5G in Canada.
  • Pixel has fans for a reason. If you’d like to give your mom the newest Pixel 6 Pro, we have the best deals in Canada, and we sure can bet on it. 
  • Look no further than PlanHub to get a great deal if you’ve been eyeing the TCL 20 Pro. 
  • Go big or go home, with an iPhone 13 Pro Max in hand of course. You never know it’s been on your dear mother’s wish list for a while now.

Mothers Day Image

Smartwatch – Mother’s Day Deal 

Whoever said the perfect Mother’s Day gift does not exist clearly never bought one. 

A smartwatch for your mom would make for an incredibly cool gift. And in case you were wondering, below are the service providers offering some really awesome deals on smartwatches for a limited time. 

Here’s a quick look at some of them: 

Mothers Day Image

Let’s Accessorize Her, Shall We? 

If you happen to buy your mother a fancy new smartphone, then might as well pair it with an accessory. Trust us, she would love it!

The best part? There are numerous options available at drool-worthy prices.

Mothers Day Image

Note: head over to the link to check their availability or visit your local store to find out more.

Gift an iPad

Something none of us can deny but agree collectively on is how much all our moms truly enjoy watching videos at a length. 

Whether it’s a recipe on youtube, a blog on how to plant cucumbers, or casually catching up on a video call with their besties. Mothers love their “me time” a tad bit too much!

For all we care, an iPad could be their new favourite gadget to hang out with when they aren’t doing their “mom duties”. 

Check out some of the best iPad deals in Canada this Mother’s Day:

Mothers Day Image

 TV Upgrade to Make Your Mother’s Day

The moms sure love their monthly spa visits, and we know they wouldn’t miss that if they had the choice. But we sure know she wouldn’t mind a new TV either. Or would she?

There are a lot of amazing offers on TV this Mother’s Day that would make a wonderful present, and we’re sharing some right now: 

  • If you live in British Columbia or Alberta, you can sign up for Optik TV and Internet 75 and get a free 55’ 4K HDR TV at Telus. How cool is this deal? 
  • Treat your mom to this splendid gift. Order Internet 75 and Optik TV and get a free $400 Telus Visa Prepaid Card.

Mothers Day Image

The above deals are subject to change, if there’s a specific deal of interest to you, we recommend you get in touch with the service provider.

Ultimately, don’t forget to make it a special one for your lovely mom, this Mother’s Day, because it’s her day. Albeit getting your mum a gift is just one of the many ways to express love, make sure to spend quality time with her. 

So this is your friendly reminder to call your mom and tell her what she means to you because mothers deserve only the best. 

Happy Mother’s Day, folks!

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