FidoHub – Fido Spotify Premium offer : 3 traps to avoid

There’s a new offer at Fido,  unlimited music streaming with the Spotify Premium service, free with all Pulse Plans. But careful, is there a catch? Is there a risk that this new service becomes more expensive in the long run, if you consider the overcharge fees for going above your data limit? How much time can you go streaming music without busting your phone plan?


We answer all this, by showing you 3 traps to avoid with the Fido Spotify Premium service, or any other streaming service that you might already use at Rogers, Telus, Videotron, SakTel, Wind, etc.


#1 – Unlimited music streaming DOESN’T mean unlimited data usage

The first question to ask is to check if streaming of live music with the Spotify Premium App will use the data included in your monthly plan. Well the answer is YES!

With the offer’s description, it’s understandable that some think just the opposite. Especially considering that the formula Unlimited Music Streaming with no Data Usage exists elsewhere. In the US, T-Mobile offers the free music streaming service for Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and iTunes Radio. The data used by these apps doesn’t get counted in the client’s cellphone bill.


#2 A few hours of streaming with setting on High Quality can kill your data plan

It all depends on the phone plan you’ll say…OK, then quick math test. How much data does an app like Spotify, Deezer or Rdio really use?

The amount of data eaten by your music streaming service depends on the audio quality parameters. For various apps, including Spotify, streaming in high quality will max out to 320 kbps (and most songs are available in high quality).

How does this translate with your data plan? Continuous music streaming at speeds of 320 kbps adds up to 115.2 MB per hour, or 1 GB in only 8 hours. To see half of your 2 GB monthly plan go up in smokes in just 1 day of work can be frustrating…so consider putting the quality setting back to Normal next time you’re listening music on your own wireless network.


Spotify audio parameters

Normal quality: 96 kbps

High quality : 160 kbps

High quality – Extreme: 320 kbps


Even better, remember that there are ways (at least with Android phone) to limit the data usage done by certain apps.


#3 – The synchronization option MUST NOT be neglected

Your best bet still remains the syncing of music on your phone. The majority of music streaming services offer the option to download songs directly on your smartphone, with the “offline” listening option. You just have to limit theses downloads to times when you’ll be connected by Wi-Fi.

Like this you get double the advantage: you don’t use any data for music, and you have more data available for cat videos on YouTube.


Edit : If you’re in Quebec check out the new Videotron unlimited music plan.


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