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Oxio Internet Quebec: Available Provincewide

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As of today, the independent telecommunications provider Oxio serves all of the administrative regions of Quebec. Quebecers can therefore now take advantage of the unlimited Internet, HD television and residential telephone services offered by the local company based in Quebec City. The scope of coverage in each region varies, however, depending on certain factors, you can confirm the availability of Oxio internet Quebec here.

It’s always good news when a new telecommunications company opens its doors and increases competition in the Quebec market. Whether for the Internet, television or residential telephony, find out if Oxio is right for you in this article!


Oxio Internet Montreal – Think Outside the Box

In the past few months, Oxio internet Montreal has recorded strong growth and considerable enthusiasm for its services. This flourishing popularity is mainly attributed to the excellence and transparency of the customer service offered by the company.

After having noted the alarming reputation of telecom services in both, Quebec and Canada – where consumers often find themselves overwhelmed and scalded by complex processes, often sloppy customer service and surprise increases in their prices, Oxio decided to bet on and offer a fully transparent, honest and reliable service – 100% customer-centric and real-needs centered. The philosophy is simple: put the customer at the heart of all business decisions.

At the outset, we wanted above all to distinguish ourselves from other telecommunications providers by setting up a much more human and warm customer service. We felt the public’s exhaustion at the complex processes that are often offered in the industry and we wanted Oxio to allow consumers to regain confidence in the telecoms. In the end, any business has everything to gain from having highly satisfied customers. It’s win-win for everyone!

– Marc-André Campagna, CEO and co-founder of Oxio

Oxio Canada remains honest and transparent

Oxio Canada is a very new company. Further, they are introducing a new concept, and new era of telecommunications services in Quebec. Specializing in unlimited high-speed Internet services and its complementary services: HD television and residential telephony, Oxio is distinguished by its fair and affordable prices, by the performance of its infrastructure and by the quality of its customer service. Human and transparent. 

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