Three colorful houses in rural New Brunswick. where Rogers internet will soon become widely available.

Rogers Internet Coming to More Homes in Ludlow, New Brunswick

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For the past few decades, Rogers has served as one of Canada’s largest telecom companies. With millions of customers nationwide, they are responsible for bringing television, phone service, internet and more into homes all over the country. While Rogers’ services are widely accessible across urban environments in Canada, they are much harder to access in rural areas. As a result, providers have invested huge sums of money to bring their technology to less densely populated regions of Canada. Recently, Rogers Internet announced their plans to bring its fibre optic internet network to homes across Ludlow, New Brunswick. 

Rogers Investing $1.3 million in Atlantic Canada

Ludlow is a small community in New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada that was founded in 1841. Although they were not included in the 2016 census, the 2011 census revealed that their population was just under 1,600 residents. And Rogers is prepared to spend $1.3 million in order to expand their network by 60km to connect 366 homes and businesses to their high-speed internet service. 

Rogers’ Investment in New Brunswick: Part of an Ongoing Pattern

Rogers’ New Brunswick investment may seem surprising given the small number of beneficiaries, but it’s actually a part of an ongoing pattern. Since the end of 2020, all 3 of Canada’s Big 3 telecom giants have made significant investments to bring their technology to smaller towns. In April 2021, Bell announced that it had spent millions, as part of Operation High Speed to bring their fibre optic network to Saint-Honoré-de-Témiscouta in Quebec. Operation High Speed is an initiative of the federal government in equal partnership with the Government of Quebec to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to bring high-speed internet to the province’s rural areas. In a similar vein, Telus announced a $13 billion investment plan to introduce their 5G network across the entire province of British Columbia by 2024.


Another impetus for Rogers Internet and other telecom giants to make such huge investments has also been the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. When the virus first began spreading across Canada, almost the entire population was forced indoors. Workers and students had to continue their jobs and studies virtually. Working or attending school online while not a walk in the park in the best of situations is impossible without a suitable internet plan. Canadians quickly realized that residents in rural settings lacked proper access to high-speed internet, which lead to initiatives like Operation High Speed. These investments send the message that advanced technology like fibre internet and 5G are necessities for Canadians, not luxuries. If another COVID wave or other devastating event forces us back indoors (knock on wood), Canada will be prepared to face it comfortably.

Rogers Expanding Reach in New Brunswick Internet 

Overall, the introduction of improved Rogers internet in New Brunswick is a great sign for Canada. If major companies and provincial governments continue to make major investments towards expanding infrastructure, no Canadian will have to worry about missing out on the best internet connection, and failing to connect to their work or school. 


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