Rogers offering free data could mark an interesting shift in the company's future. Make sure to check your text messages to see if Rogers is trying to offer you 5GB of free data!

Rogers Offering Free Data: Why Customers Are Gaining an Extra 5GB

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Throughout September 2021, select Rogers customers have reported spontaneous text messages from the provider. The text reads: “We have a surprise for you!” and explains that 5GB of extra data has been added to your monthly plan for no extra charge “every month for 24 months!” Although the company has not explained the reasoning behind this promotion, several customers have made similar reports. Regardless, nobody will complain about Rogers offering free data! So, what exactly does this promotion entail? Why are they offering it, and how does one qualify? Thankfully, we’ll answer all these questions in this very blog post!

5GB of Free Data

As we mentioned in the previous section, Rogers is offering 5GB of free data for two years. This promotion has no strings attached, and will be added onto any pre-existing data plan. Furthermore, customers do not need to respond to the text message to confirm that they want the promotion. Instead, the free data will be added automatically when your data next resets. When this date arrives, we’d recommend going online and checking your account to confirm that it went through. If you don’t see anything, feel free to get in touch with Rogers and call them directly.

Why Is Rogers Giving Away Free Data?

Why is Rogers giving away free data in 2021? It is most likely to increase their offer to even more customers who may have felt left out in 2020. Further, they may want to build upon the positive press they received last year by continuing to offer more free data. It’s possible that they will continue to offer 5GB of free data to select customers every year! Overall, it seems like a win-win for Rogers and their customers, so we see no reason as to why they would stop all of a sudden.

Although Rogers has yet to give an official statement, this recent promotion is reminiscent of one they did last year. Back in 2020, Rogers sent out text messages to users across Canada saying that 5GB of free data was added to their phone plans. They stated that they did so as a “thank you” to their customers, and wanted to reward them for remaining loyal. So, their current promotion could also be an extension of this.

Alternatively, Rogers could be giving away free data to stay ahead of the competitive market. Recently, flanker brands and independent companies like Virgin Plus and Fizz Mobile have garnered positive reputations for offering various promotions and discounts. By slowly introducing 5GB of free data, Rogers could be dipping their feet into this market. Although the major telecom brands will never offer as many promotions as the smaller companies, Rogers offering free data could be their version of Fizz’s data rollover, or Virgin’s exclusive member benefits.


While Rogers offering free data may seem unexpected at first, it truly makes a lot of sense after further investigation. Following the success of their promotion last year, don’t be surprised if Rogers customers get free offers like this every year. If you received a text from Rogers, that’s great! And if not, make sure to keep checking your messages over the next few days. If they never get in touch with you, maybe you’ll have better luck another time. Finally, if you’re interested in a Rogers plan, or changing mobile providers, make sure to head over to Planhub. Our comparison tool contrasts all your available plans, making it easy to find the cheapest or most inclusive plan possible.

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