Starlink equipment for rent

Starlink equipment rental available in France but not in Canada

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(Translation of an original PlanHub article)

We’re still entitled to 50% special, but rentals are not yet allowed in Canada.

Cover image credit: Capture Starlink via PlanHub

It was with surprise that we learned via an article from the French Phonandroid that Starlink now offers its hardware for rent in France. In exchange for 15 euros per month, about 20$, it is possible to rent Starlink’s hardware. Of course, customers still have to pay for their subscription on top of the rental fee.

Starlink equipment rental
Image credit: Phonandroid

This possibility is unfortunately still not available in Canada, especially since France benefits just like Canada from a promotion on receivers. According to Phonandroid’s calculations, the rental is profitable for 17 months.

Several reasons could explain the absence of the rental option in Canada. In Quebec, for example, the government estimates that only 112,000 homes do not have high-speed Internet and intends to connect them by the end of 2023. After that date, only remote territories will still need satellite internet. Leasing could therefore be less interesting for Starlink, which is assured of selling its equipment in these territories.

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