Which Canadian Providers Offer the eSIM Option?

The emerging technology of eSIM, also known as embedded SIM, is revolutionizing the mobile industry by eliminating the need for a physical, interchangeable SIM card. In our article, we’ll explore various Canadian providers offering eSIM services to make your decision-making process easier. What is an eSIM? The eSIM is a revolutionary innovation that significantly simplifies […]

How to choose your Internet plan in Canada? 

Step 1: Determine your household needs Step 2: Determine your budget Step 3: Determine the provider and technology options for your home address Step 4: Understand the plans offered Step 5: Choosing your Internet plan Step 6: Find ways to save money and even take advantage of it Step 7: Once you’ve purchased a plan, […]

Fibe TV vs Cable

A remote controlling a Smart TV, which could be on either side of the Fibe TV vs cable debate

Despite the increasing popularity of internet streaming services, households across Canada continue to watch television the “old fashioned” way. Of course, we’re talking about traditional cable TV, where customers pay every month for access to different channels. However, due to technological advancements within the industry, there are now more ways to watch television than ever […]

Connecting families: How to get a very cheap internet plan

Connecting Families : a laptop in a desk

In 2018, the federal government proposed a program to make internet access more affordable for low-income families. This initiative in the name of Connecting Families has just been changed. The new offer is a package with a minimum speed of 50 Mbps at a monthly cost of $20. The plans will have a maximum usage […]

Telus vs Bell

Telus, Bell and Rogers have served as Canada’s largest telecom corporations for decades. With unrivalled experience, prices and coverage, it’s no surprise why millions of customers choose them for a number of services. Due to their monopoly over the industry, customers often assume that there is no difference between the three providers. Although the three […]

Bell vs Rogers

A blue and red boxing glove clash, representing Bell and Rogers.

Bell and Rogers are two powerhouses of the Canadian telecom industry. Alongside Telus, these companies form the “big three” of telecommunications in Canada. With millions of customers nationwide, these three providers are the leading figures in mobility, internet and television services. As the three heavy hitters in the industry, Canadians often assume that there is […]

Canadian Providers Pause Long Distance Call Charges to Ukraine

Prix appel Ukraine depuis le canada

Russia’s current illegal invasion in Ukraine has led to some Canadian carriers making major changes to their long distance call charges to Ukraine. As of 25th Feb 2022, some of the top Canadian Telecom providers such as Rogers, Koodo, Telus, Bell and Videotron are temporarily pausing long-distance charges from Canada to Ukraine until March 31st […]

Best Internet Deals Toronto : January 2023

Best Internet Deals Toronto : a view of the building in Toronto

Whether you recently moved to Toronto, or have been living in the city for a while, a good internet deal is as basic a necessity as water in a tech-savvy world. But with over 45 ISPs in all of Toronto, each offering multiple plans and options, looking for a good deal can seem a bit […]

How to Choose The Best Internet Provider

Read our blog to unriddle everything you need to know before you choose the best internet provider for yourself.

When there are so many options in the market, how do you choose the best internet provider? This is exactly the question that PlanHub’s free internet comparison tool was designed to help you solve. Choosing an internet provider for yourself or a family member may seem like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. […]