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Bell vs Rogers

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Bell and Rogers are two powerhouses of the Canadian telecom industry. Alongside Telus, these companies form the “big three” of telecommunications in Canada. With millions of customers nationwide, these three providers are the leading figures in mobility, internet and television services. As the three heavy hitters in the industry, Canadians often assume that there is no difference between them. In reality, they are quite distinct from each other. In this post, we’ll go over all the important differences between Bell vs Rogers. By the end of the article, you should have a much idea of which provider is better suited for you.

Bell vs Rogers : Mobile Plans Comparison

Both providers offer tons of different mobile plans. Whether you need a basic entry-level plan or a heavier plan with loads of data, both companies should be able to accommodate you. What makes Bell and Rogers so unique in the industry is their ability to offer massive unlimited data plans. Here are some of the most exciting plans from each provider:

Mobile Plan – $45 Per Month – 6GB of Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 6GB
  • Price: $45 / Month

Learn more about Bell’s 6GB mobile plan


Mobile Plan – $50 Per Month – 10GB of Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 10GB
  • Price: $50 / Month

Learn more about Bell’s 10GB mobile plan


Mobile Plan – $70 Per Month – 25GB of Unlimited Shareable Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 25GB – Slower speeds after 25GB
  • Price: $70 / Month

Learn more about Bell’s 25GB mobile plan


How To Choose The Best Internet Provider

Mobile Plan – $85 Per Month – 25GB of Unlimited Shareable Data | Unlimited Calling 

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 25GB – Slower speeds after 25GB
  • Price: $85 / Month

Learn more about Rogers’ Unlimited Data Plans


How To Choose The Best Internet Provider

Mobile Plan – $95 Per Month – 45GB of Unlimited Shareable Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 45GB – Slower speeds after 45GB
  • Price: $95 / Month

Learn more about Rogers’ Unlimited Data Plans


How To Choose The Best Internet Provider

Mobile Plan – $175 Per Month – 100GB of Unlimited Shareable Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 100GB – Slower speeds after 100GB
  • Price: $175 / Month

Learn more about Rogers’ Unlimited Data Plans


Unfortunately, we could only introduce a small sample of each provider’s mobile plans. To learn more details about all of their plans, check out our page on the best Bell phone plans and the best Rogers phone plans

Cell Phone Plans Comparison

If you’re looking to pick up a new cell phone, Bell and Rogers are two of the best providers you could approach. Whether you want an older device at an affordable price or a brand new flagship phone, both providers have got you covered. Additionally, customers have lots of freedom when buying new cell phones from Bell and Rogers. Clients can buy devices outright, or pay them off over the course of two years and return them. If you end up loving your device, you can choose to pay off the difference and keep it after your two year period. Here are all the latest devices customers can buy from both providers:

  • iPhone 13, Mini, Pro & Pro Max
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S22, + & Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
  • Google Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro

If you’d rather purchase an older device rather than a brand new flagship, you can still find tons of affordable options from both providers. If you buy your cell phones in person, make it clear to the customer service agent what you’re looking for, they’ll help you get set up with your perfect device.


First off, how does the coverage between Bell and Rogers differ? When signing up for a mobile plan, coverage is one of the most important factors to consider. Depending on your location, you might lack access to several providers’ mobile networks. Luckily, Bell, Rogers and Telus offer some of the most extensive coverage in the country. Still, there are some important differences between Bell and Rogers’ national coverage.

Bell vs Rogers : Who has a better network coverage ?

Bell offers a slightly larger network coverage than Rogers, which  manages to reach more customers. According to them, their mobile towers reach around 99% of the country’s population. On the other hand, Rogers’ coverage only reaches around 97% of Canadians. Although their network is easily accessible in all urban settings, it doesn’t always reach certain rural towns.

How about the 5G experience ?

Rogers currently offers the best 5G experience of any Canadian provider. If extensive coverage is more important to you, Bell is probably the winner of this category. However, if you value a strong 5G performance above anything else, then Rogers must be your winner. To learn more about each provider’s availability, feel free to check out our national coverage map.

Bell vs Rogers : Reviews

With millions of customers, both companies have garnered loads of reviews and ratings online. Most Bell reviews praise the company’s internet and mobile services. According to their customers, Bell offers some of the best fibre internet plans in the country. Most users feel as if their prices are fair for the lightning-fast download speeds which they receive in return. Bell’s central complaint is in regards to customer service. Due to being a massive corporation, customers can end up waiting a long time to speak to a representative, and end up getting redirected a few times. For more details about how customers feel about Bell, check out our page on Bell reviews


Rogers’ reviews are very similar to Bell. Once again, customers praise the company’s ability to provide advanced mobility, internet and television services. However, they fall victim to the same critique as Bell. Online users have complained about the customer service experience. Of course, nobody wants to spend an entire afternoon on hold, only to get rewired to another customer service agent! Aside from this, Rogers reviews are very positive, their positive reputation was definitely earned. If you ever want to read up a bit more on customer experiences, feel free to read our page on Rogers reviews.

Bell vs Rogers : Pros and Cons

At this point, you might still be conflicted about which provider to choose. Both Bell and Rogers seem like solid options, with only slight differences. We understand, and are here to help you try and narrow your choice down. At the end of the day, both providers are great options. What matters more than anything else is your personal preference, and what kind of mobile plan experience you want. To try and make matters easier for you, we made a simple pros and cons list for each provider. Check them out below:


Bell Pros & Cons

Coverage reaches 99% of CanadiansMost plans require a contract
Unlimited data plans are great for sharing with familyCustomer service wait times could be long
Tons of bundle deals if you purchase multiple servicesDoesn’t sell pre-owned cell phones

Rogers Pros & Cons

Offers the best 5G experienceMost plans require a contract
Customers can buy pre-owned phones at lower pricesCustomer service wait times could be long
Regular promotions & limited time offersNot accessible in more remote locations


As you can see, the major cons between Bell and Rogers are the same. This is the case with every major telecom company in Canada. If you’re stuck between these two providers, focus on what you like instead of what you dislike. Chances are, the things that upset you will occur no matter which provider you end up choosing. 


Still have some questions that need answering? We’ll try our best to respond to them. In this final section, we’ll answer some common questions that customers have in regards to the Bell vs Rogers debate. 


Is Bell cheaper than Rogers?

Most mobile plan prices are identical between Bell, Rogers and Telus. However, Rogers’ unlimited data plans are more expensive, while also providing larger chunks of data.


Do Bell and Rogers plans require a contract?

Not every mobile plan from Bell or Rogers requires a contract. Both providers offer multiple prepaid plans which can be purchased with no contract or credit check.


Can I switch from Bell to Rogers and vice versa?

Yes. Customers can switch between the two providers with no problem at all.


Does Bell Fibe really use fibre technology?

Yes. All Bell Fibe internet and TV plans use some of Canada’s fastest fibre optic technology.


Are Bell’s Unlimited Share and Rogers Infinite data plans really unlimited?

Unlimited data plans do offer unlimited mobile data usage. However, they are always capped at a high-speed limit. For example, if you have a 25GB unlimited plan, you can use as much data as you want for the month, but you will start to experience lower speeds after 25GB.

Bell vs Rogers – Conclusion

Bell and Rogers are popular providers for a number of reasons. With unrivalled experience and unbeatable coverage, it’s no surprise that they’ve earned millions of customers nationwide. Both companies share many similarities, but are also very distinct. The result of the Bell vs Rogers debate is completely up to personal preference, and the winner should be chosen based on what you want from a telecom provider. Once you’ve figured that out, all you need to do is find the right plan, which should be a breeze.


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