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TekSavvy Versus CRTC: What’s Going On?

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TekSavvy is an independent service provider based in Chatham, Ontario. Since their establishment, they have aimed to provide affordable internet, TV and home phone service to Canadian residents and businesses. However, they recently publicly denounced the CRTC, and began a campaign demanding that they lower internet prices across the country. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) acts as the country’s highest authority figure when it comes to regulating telecom services. So, why is an independent company from Chatham feuding with one of the highest authorities in the country? In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the TekSavvy versus CRTC fiasco.

TekSavvy Versus CRTC History

Surprisingly, the recent campaign is not the first instance of TekSavvy condemning the CRTC. On March 16 2021, TekSavvy took part in a National Day of Action which requested lower internet rates for Canadians. This day saw multiple independent ISPs coming together to raise awareness of their cause. Months later, TekSavvy filed a court challenge against the CRTC and demanded that their chairperson step down due to his biases. Most recently, TekSavvy publicly blamed the fact that they had to increase their internet prices by $3 directly on the CRTC.

We can trace the beginning of TekSavvy and the CRTC’s beef back to 2019. Two years ago, independent companies complained to the CRTC about large companies like Bell and Rogers. Due to their monopoly over the market, they had the power to inflate wholesale internet prices, and decrease national competition. The CRTC agreed that this was problematic, and ordered a ruling to prevent Bell and Rogers from continuing to do so. However, Bell and Rogers objected to the ruling, and it was ultimately repealed. Since then, ISPs like TekSavvy have only felt more neglected. As they try to offer internet plans at a reasonable price, they feel threatened by the CRTC and Canada’s largest telecom companies.

TekSavvy’s Campaign

After two years of dissatisfaction, TekSavvy decided to launch their recent campaign. Rather than dealing with the CRTC directly, they are recruiting the general population to fight back by their side. While the independent company feels powerless in the face of industry giants, they acknowledge the possibility of strength in numbers. As a result, their recent campaign encourages Canadians to get in touch with their local MPs or election candidates. TekSavvy even created a website that sends pre-written letters to your local candidates.

After inputting your postal code, the website automatically finds your local representative and sends them a message. The email demands them to take a stance on the issue, and encourages them to speak out in favour of cheaper internet rates. Additionally, the letter requests that the CRTC take action, and reinstate the ruling they introduced back in 2019.


Now that you know everything is to know, what do you think about the TekSavvy versus CRTC debacle? Will the independent company remain powerless in the face of industry titans, or could their recent campaign gain enough traction to bring about a serious change? As always, we’re curious to see how you feel, and encourage comments down below.

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