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The Best 4K HDR TV 2021

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4K TVs have quickly taken over as the new standard for high definition television sets. They are undoubtedly the most visually impressive TVs available. With so many companies manufacturing them, it may seem daunting if you’re thinking about purchasing one. Thankfully, this article will go over everything you need to know. From explaining all the relevant terms, to outlining the best 4K HDR TV 2021 has to offer, we’ve got you covered!

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The Best 4K TV

4K display is a higher quality resolution due to the increased amount of pixels. The name “4K” is an abbreviation for 4,000, the approximate amount of horizontal pixels a 4K TV can display. Most of us are used to 1080p resolution as the highest resolution for TV shows and YouTube videos. To contrast the two, a 1080p TV can typically display 1,920 horizontal pixels and 1,080 vertical pixels (hence the name). On the other hand, the best 4K TVs tend to display 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels. Evidently, there is a significant difference in quality between the two resolutions.

HDR Stands for high dynamic range, and has nothing to do with pixels or resolution. Instead, it refers to the range of colours offered. HDR improves image quality by incorporating more vibrant colours, previously unavailable with 1080p displays. Due to 4K’s impressive capabilities, it can incorporate the rich colours of HDR. Thus, although the two factors are separate, they are frequently advertised together.


The Best 4K HDR TV in 2021


Currently, LG could be making the best 4K HDR TV and OLED television on the market. OLED stands for organic light emitting diode. While LED TVs rely on a light emitting diode to provide a backlight, OLED TVs include no backlight, ensuring that the pixels are lighting themselves organically. As a result, colours are more vibrant, and darkness appears much darker. Without the backlight, darker scenes will appear far more detailed from every angle. Additionally, the absence of a backlight allows for OLED TVs to be extremely thin, ensuring a sleek design with a stellar performance.

The LG C1 and its predecessor the CX are two of the best choices if you’re interested in an OLED display. Both models have impressive 4K and HDR technology, and are praised for their high level of contrast and detailed display of darkness. It is one of the greatest choices if you want to experience 4K viewing or gaming with the vivid colours of HDR and OLED technology.



If you prefer the presence of a backlight, you may want a more traditional LED TV. Although OLED is heavily advertised as the newest technology, that doesn’t make it better. You may prefer an LED TV if you want a brighter display, or tend to frequently watch in a room with many bright lights. If you want to enjoy the 4K HDR viewing experience on an LED television, we’d recommend the Vizio P Series, or the Hisense H78G Series Quantum for a lower price. Regardless of your budget, both are strong options and two of the best 4K HDR TVs money can buy.



Last but not least, QLED TVs refer to “quantum dot LEDs”. Instead of the crystals used for lighting in LCD televisions, QLED uses countless microscopic dots to backlight the display. The meticulous technology allows for a bright and immersive 4K and HDR experience. QLED technology was recently introduced by Samsung. Rather than manufacturing OLED televisions, they chose to forge their own path. The Samsung QN90A QLED is their strongest model, promising a bright and engaging experience for viewing or gaming. Once again, Hisense offers a variety of QLED models at more affordable prices.


At the end of the day, there is no “best” 4K HDR TV. It is a matter of personal preference, based on what kind of viewing experience you want. Fortunately, there are plenty of models currently on the market which use different kinds of technology. Research the topic extensively, or go to a store to test them out in person. Finally, if you want to see the best available plans for 4K HDR TVs, keep close attention to Planhub! Our television plan comparison tool will be launching soon, and can help you easily navigate through Canada’s most affordable television plans.



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