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The Best Streaming Services in Canada (2021)

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From free apps like YouTube and TikTok to paid services like Netflix, video streaming has become one of the world’s favourite pastimes. When choosing a new internet plan, homes often consider how much streaming they do. ISPs will recommend bulkier download speeds to ensure that multiple people can stream HD content simultaneously without delay. As streaming is continuously growing in popularity and importance, figuring out which service to subscribe to becomes increasingly difficult. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast some of the best streaming services in Canada.

Best Movie Streaming

Our post will list focus on the best movie streaming platforms. In addition, we will consider the amount of original series which each service brings to the table. Without further ado, here are the best streaming services Canadians can purchase.

List of Streaming Services

Netflix ($9.99-$18.99 per month)

Kicking off our list of streaming services is the industry giant, Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that doesn’t require much introduction. For years, they have provided movies and TV shows to millions of Canadians. In 2011, they began producing Netflix Originals. Award-winning shows like House of Cards and Stranger Things were exclusively on the platform, making it all the more appealing. As of 2021, Netflix has produced over 1,500 original titles. Netflix offers three monthly plans. The basic one ($9.99) only allows for one device to stream at a time. The Standard plan ($14.99) allows two devices, and the Premium plan allows four devices ($18.99). Overall, Netflix is an attractive service due to its simple interface and original content, but may be pricey if you live in a large household.


Disney Plus ($11.99 per month)

As one of the newest streaming services, Disney Plus has already proved its desirability. Their monopoly over Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and of course, Disney content guarantees that no other service can carry such titles. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Disney Plus has exploded in popularity. Their ability to release blockbuster-worthy titles like Black Widow, Cruella, and Luca on a streaming service is pretty unique. Currently, one account allows up to four devices to stream at the same time. Disney Plus is a popular service due to their high-quality releases and dominance over beloved Disney intellectual properties. We would recommend a subscription for all fans of anything Disney.


Crave ($9.99-$25.97 per month)

Crave is an exclusive Canadian streaming service owned by Bell Media. Although it doesn’t boast many original series, its many partnerships make it a competitive service. While a normal Crave subscription ($9.99) offers several TV shows and ShowTime content, two add-ons can be made. Crave with Movies + HBO ($19.98) include all the latest Hollywood movies, as well as acclaimed series from HBO. Lastly, if you add the STARZ add-on, you get the most inclusive plan ($25.97) albeit at a higher price.

If these prices concern you, don’t worry. Due to their partnership with Bell, Crave is offered through countless promotions with service providers. Ordering services from Bell, Rogers, Virgin Plus and more include free months of Crave or reduced subscription rates. Overall, Crave is one of the best streaming services in Canada due to its ability to provide us with American content like HBO and Showtime. In addition, the fact that it’s included in so many TV packages from major providers makes it highly accessible to Canadians.


Amazon Prime Video ($7.99)

Amazon Prime Video is included with a monthly Prime subscription. The service offers a wide variety of films and series, and has started producing original series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and American Gods. Although it doesn’t offer the most diverse content, Prime Video is definitely the cheapest. While its price is already low, students in Canada can acquire a Prime membership for only $3.99 a month. If you already have a Prime membership and haven’t checked out Prime Video, you should definitely do so. We’d recommend Prime Video as a starting service. If you have no experience with streaming services and want to dip your feet in, consider Prime Video, especially if you’re a student. Its simple user interface and accessibility make it a very well-rounded streaming service for newcomers.



Ultimately, the greatest streaming service is a matter of preference. Your answer may vary depending on how much you value criteria like variety, exclusivity, accessibility, or price. Make sure to consider what’s most important to you when subscribing to a new service. Now that you know all about the best streaming services in Canada, the next step is to sign up for a suitable internet plan. Fortunately, Planhub lets you compare Canada’s cheapest plans based on your location and usage. In addition, we’ll be adding a similar service for TV plans shortly, don’t hesitate to bookmark our page so you don’t miss it!



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