The Pixel 7 on special for $599 on Amazon!

One of the best Android phones is under $600 for a limited time, take advantage of it!

Good news if you plan to change your phone, the Pixel 7 128GO currently has a $100 discount on Amazon, that’s 14% off. For $599, you’ll be able to get a great phone that’s among the best for photos and night captures. Otherwise, an 8-core Tensor processor powers it, it has a 90Hz 6.3-inch 2400X1080 pixel display, and its 4355mAh battery can last up to two days.

During our tests, it proved to be particularly excellent, especially for photos and videos. Concerning the defect of the lens which breaks with certain owners, it is possible that it is a defect of youth. The one we have been using daily since December 2022 and that we tortured beforehand for its test, including alternating hot/cold variations of more than 50 degrees in order to try to break the lens, is as good as new and has never had a problem.

Three colours are offered: Lemongrass, Obsidian and Snow. It’s a steal, especially since a used Pixel 7 approximately costs $629.

You can get the Pixel 7 on Amazon by following these links:

Pixel 7 Citronella 
Pixel 7 Obsidian
Pixel 7 Snow


Image Credit: Google

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