Video games on Netflix could be a reality sooner than you think. The streaming giant is working hard towards this next step!

Video Games on Netflix: What Users Can Expect

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Individuals around the world recognize Netflix. The industry giant has become synonymous with movie and TV streaming, and has gained millions of monthly subscribers around the world. Without a doubt, Netflix has earned its reputation as one of the world’s best streaming services. However, the company recently announced that it will be expanding into another industry. As soon as next year, customers can expect to stream video games on Netflix from their own mobile devices. Although the details are still unclear, fans are already eagerly awaiting this feature, and beginning to speculate. Throughout this post, we’ll go over everything that Netflix has confirmed in regards to their video game streaming feature, as well as some of our biggest hopes we want to see fulfilled.

What Kind of Video Games Will Be on Netflix?

First and foremost, what kind of video games will be on Netflix? Currently, all we know is that they will exclusively be streamable on mobile devices. A few years ago, Netflix funded a mobile game adaptation of their beloved title Stranger Things. They ended up developing two Stranger Things inspired mobile games for the App Store or Google Play Store. Looking forward, these titles will no longer be available on these stores. Instead, users will only be able to stream them via the free Netflix app, at no extra charge to your subscription.

In terms of future games, there are two possibilities that Netflix has disclosed. The first of which is mobile games based on their original series. Much like their Stranger Things titles, Netflix would publish original games inspired from their most beloved films and TV shows. Alternatively, Netflix has also considered the possibility of publishing original games. If these games grow increasingly popular, there is always the possibility that they get adapted into a series or film right on Netflix. 

When Will Video Games Become Available on Netflix?

Now that you have an idea of the kind of games you’ll be able to play, when will video games become available on Netflix? The company has announced that users can expect the feature to be introduced as soon as 2022. As of August 2021, Netflix has already begun testing their gaming service. Currently, Netflix customers in Poland can test out the feature from their Android devices. Users can stream either Stranger Things 1984 or Stranger Things 3 at no additional cost. Netflix stated that Polish iOS users will be able to test it out next, and that they still have lots of work to do in the coming months. 

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Possibilities for the Future/Wishful Thinking

Lastly, we wanted to discuss some possibilities for the future which we would hope to see implemented into Netflix’s gaming service. Obviously, we’d like to see game adaptations of Netflix’s most exciting series like Squid Game and Money Heist. Further, Netflix introduced a “choose your own adventure” option in select original series. It could be exciting to implement this feature into their gaming service. Instead of having to sit through scenes you’ve already seen, a more traditional “choose your own adventure” game would allow viewers to witness the different narratives more quickly and enjoyably. Lastly, we hope that Netflix’s games can be accessible on other devices, like laptops, computers and even gaming consoles. This way, Netflix can publish more graphically-intense games based on their franchises, rather than being limited by mobile gaming software.

What do you want from Netflix’s gaming service? Are you excited for this new endeavour, or not so much? Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the subject! We’re always curious to hear feedback and opinions from our readers!


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