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Videotron’s Canada Plan for Newcomers

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If you’ve recently moved to Quebec as a newcomer and are looking for an affordable mobile plan, look no further! Explore Vidéotron’s latest offer for newcomers, which is personalized to your plan requirements while keeping you in touch with your loved ones.

Whether you are a new student or a professional in search, we understand the need for a reliable and approachable connection. 

Canada Plan

Vidéotron is now offering a unique cell phone plan to newcomers in Quebec. The Mobile All-Inclusive Canada 35 Go package costs $40 per month. It offers dependable and economical connectivity, specifically tailored to the communication demands of newly settled residents. By combining this plan with an Internet subscription and bringing your own device, you will have access to a full range of communication services at a cheap price. 

The offer details are as follows:

No Mobile activation fees

  • Savings of $ 50


  • 35 GB per month in Canada
  • 100 GB bonus data per year in Canada
  • Data at full speed at all times


  • Unlimited calling and texting in Canada
  • Call Display and Voicemail
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling in 120 countries
  • Free 5G network access
  • Club illico mobile

Videotron Canada Plan

How to take advantage of this offer?

To benefit from this offer, please ensure you have the following documents on hand:

  • Valid passport from your country of origin
  • Québec selection certificate
  • Permanent residence card, study or work permit, or other official documents issued by the Canadian government

Indeed, these documents are required to complete the registration process and confirm your eligibility for the offer. Once you have these documents, visit one of Vidéotron’s stores to subscribe to this plan.

The benefits of subscribing to Vidéotron

Lifetime Price Stability

By selecting Vidéotron as your mobile service provider, you’re guaranteed to pay the same price throughout your subscription, as long as you maintain your initial plan. We are committed to offering mobile plans without any price hikes, ensuring complete predictability and transparency for our customers.

Quality Network Coverage

Benefit from reliable and extensive network coverage across Canada, whether in LTE or 5G.

International Long-Distance Calling Options

With Vidéotron, access advantageous rates for international calls when you’re on their network.

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