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What to Expect from Apple’s Upcoming Event (March 2022)

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Since the beginning of the new year, rumors have started to surface about the next Apple event. Apple’s last event was back in September 2021, and was a huge one for the company. They announced the iPhone 13, as well as newer models of the iPad and Apple Watch. This time around, their biggest announcement is expected to be the iPhone SE 3.  In addition, fans are expecting to see announcements of new iPads, MacBooks and iOS 15.4 Fortunately, Apple enthusiasts won’t have to wait much longer. With the Peek Performance event scheduled for March 8th, we can expect full details in under a week. Here’s everything to look out for during Apple’s upcoming event on March 8th, 2022.

iPad Air

An update to the iPad Air is long overdue. Without an update since fall 2020, the smaller iPad Mini is currently more powerful. The cheaper and smaller iPad Mini boasts an A15 processor, while the newest iPad Air still has an A14. At the most recent Apple event, new models were announced for both the iPad Mini and the base model iPad. With this information in mind, it is highly expected for them to finally introduce a new and improved iPad Air. Although we don’t expect a complete design overhaul, fans can look forward to improved processing power and display. Without a doubt, it will be a powerful iPad with a sleek and slim design.

iPhone SE 3

Of course, the most anticipated announcement for the Peek Performance event is the announcement of the iPhone SE 3. This rumor has been circulating for several months, and is starting to look more and more like a reality. In case you’re unaware, the iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest smartphone with its more traditional design. Its compact size and inclusion of a home button gives it a nostalgic feel with impressive specs. If you want a capable smartphone that looks and feels like a classic iPhone, an SE could be right up your alley.


So, what’s in store for the new iPhone SE 3? How will it differ from previous models? Fortunately, several leaks have hinted at the upcoming device’s price, design and specs. It is largely believed that the SE 3’s design and appearance will highly resemble its predecessors. Thus, we can expect a 4.7 inch phone with a home button and Touch ID to be revealed next week. The largest changes to the SE will be taking place internally. The SE 3 is expected to include Apple’s state of the art A15 Bionic chip, as well as 5G compatibility. The device is rumored to cost somewhere around $300 USD (around $380 CAD). If this is the case, the iPhone SE 3 could be one of the cheapest 5G cell phones on the market. As you can see, there are many reasons to be excited for this upcoming announcement on March 8th!

iMac and MacBook

Last but not least, Apple is expected to announce several improvements to their home computers and laptops. First off, the desktop iMac is expected to receive an upgrade in the form of the iMac Pro. We could expect a sharper display and a new processor replacing the M1 Pro Max. If this is the case, the new iMac Pro would be the most powerful desktop Mac thus far, and provide an improved experience for more demanding tasks like online gaming. 


Since no improvements were announced at the last event, it seems plausible for Apple to unveil a new and improved MacBook Pro. As one of Apple’s most beloved products, MacBook laptops manage to combine efficiency and portability with a sleek, intuitive design. If any announcement is made in regards to the MacBook Pro, we expect the M2 MacBook Pro. This new laptop would serve as a middle ground between the baseline MacBook Pro and the M1 Pro model. As an exciting compromise, this new MacBook Pro could become a very popular product from Apple.

Apple’s Upcoming Event – Conclusion

It’s important to remember that everything in this article is based on rumors and speculation. However, if even one thing on this list ends up getting confirmed on March 8th, it should be considered as a huge win for Apple fans worldwide. Either way, we’ll know everything about Apple’s upcoming event in just a few short days! Until then, if you’re interested in purchasing a new phone from Apple, we’ve got you covered. PlanHub’s page on Apple cell phones provides all the information you’ll ever need about the most sought after iPhones. Make sure to scroll through it if you want to learn everything about Apple phones and find a great deal on your next one!

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