Back to school offers

Back to School Offers are back!

September is back, so is school, and so are back to School offers from cell phone providers! This year there are three types of offers to convince students: discount on their monthly fees, more data for free, or discount on a new phone.

Videotron and Wind have reduced their monthly fees this year. Videotron offers a 10% discount for the students who would get a Plus or Premium plan. The minimum per month is $42.26, instead of $46.95, for unlimited Canada Wide talk, 500 MB of data. Plus Videotron offers unlimited music for premium plans starting at $58.46, instead of $64.95, form unlimited calls throughout Canada and 2 GB.

Wind does not call it a student offer, but the $45 plan is now $39 for unlimited Data (5GB full speed) and Unlimited Canada/US-wide calling. It can be paired with the first month for free (offer ends on the 07/09).

Fido and Virgin Mobile are looking to seduce the students with free data. On some select plans 1GB of data is offered for a year (minimum fees : $55) .While Virgin offers it for a new activation, Fido targets its existing customer also and offers it on renewal. To enjoy it go in store in September, then it is over.
Virgin : $55, $65 and $75 plans, Fido : BYOD $55, Smart $70, BYOD $65, Smart $80, Max $85, BYOD $75, Smart $90 and Max $105 plans.

The last offer is a credit on the phone price. Rogers is betting on a $200 credit on the Samsung S6 and the S6 edge for a new activation or an upgrade and a 2 year agreement on Premium or Smart tab. It lasts until the 30th of September. The minimum monthly fees are $65 (unlimited talk + 500 MB of data) for a primary line, $45 to activate a second line.

Make sure to use PlanHub to compare the plans to avoid any surprises!

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