List of internet provider referral programs: Refer a friend & save!

Internet Referral Programs

Looking for an easy way to cut down your internet bill? Many Canadian internet service providers — including Fizz, Telus, Altima, TekSavvy, and oxio — offer referral programs with rewards ranging from $25 to $50 when you refer a friend or family member. We break down referral program details for 15 popular service providers below. […]

We asked AI to mix popular artists design style to create stunning cell phone cases

AI-generated Phone Case Design We asked Artificial Intelligence to design cell phone cases as if created by a collaboration between popular artists and the result is simply amazing. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment section!  1: Michelangelo and Picasso 2: Banksy and Leonardo Da Vinci 3: Andy Warhol and Salvador […]

Apple forced to open the iPhone to competition in 2023

(Translation of an original PlanHub article) Apple has a year before it has to comply with European Union directives. Apple will be forced to open up the App Store, iMessage, Apple Pay, Webkit and even its Airtag feature to competition, should Canadians expect any changes? Cover image credit: Apple Are these going to be tough […]

OLED, AMOLED, TFT, LCD… The different screen technologies explained


Translated from an original PlanHub article Several screen technologies coexist in our cell phones. Depending on the use, the range or even the brand, the type of display can vary considerably. We have decided to explain them to help you make the best choice when buying your phone. Image Credit: Samsung While LCD has long […]

TV plan… soon on PlanHub!

Forfait télévision Comparateur

After offering you a mobile phone plan comparator in 2013, and then, in 2018, launching an Internet plan comparator, the PlanHub team doesn’t intend to stop there and wants to continue making your life easier and lightening your bills by offering you a brand new service this year. We are proud to announce the upcoming […]

Beware!! Scammers are posing as Planhub to defraud Canadians (July, 2020)

Scammers posing as Planhub

Over the past few days, we have been made aware that a bunch of scammers have been posing as Planhub to contact Canadians over phone and email. They offer too-good-to-be-true deals on the latest smartphones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, iPhone 11Pro Max etc). They then attempt to get personal and credit card information out […]

PlanHub Launches Its Free Personalized Alerts for Residential Internet

best internet plans canada

Montreal, June 28, 2019 – PlanHub is launching its personalized alerts for residential Internet just in time for the summer moving period, the perfect time to make the most of the many discounts Internet service providers are offering. Thanks to this new system, registered consumers get an email alert the instant a great Internet plan matching […]

Do not be fooled! PlanHub alerts you of the best cellular package deals

PlanHub alerts you of the best cellular package deals

You never want to overpay your package for what it is? Sign up for our alerts is a free and easy service that allows you to receive email notifications about all new mobile plans offers that match your needs. To benefit from the best rates, indicate your criteria and options that correspond to your […]

Internet plan: PlanHub launches its new comparator

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new tool on PlanHub. After the mobile phone plan comparator, we are now launching an Internet plan comparator. Are you planning to move? Are you nearing the end of your contract? Or do you want to renegotiate your terms? With our new comparison tool, answer […]