Black Friday 2024 : How to Find the Best Deals

(Last updated on November 24th 2023) Brace yourselves, Black Friday 2023 Canada is here. In a shopping apocalypse, no one can survive because the promotional deals are usually too good to be true. As of today, not many Black Friday deals have already been announced, however, we at PlanHub are here to help you plan […]

Fizz vs Oxio

Fizz vs Oxio

(Translation of an original PlanHub article) Unlike Bell and Rogers, which have been in the telecom business for decades, Fizz and Oxio are less than 5 years old. If they seem distant, these two operators share several common points. They are digital providers, which means that they don’t have their own stores and that everything […]

Matter the hub for iOS, Android and all connected objects           

(Translation of an original PlanHub article) The incompatibility between the different connected systems is a real problem, fortunately, the Matter standard will unify them, but you’ll have to wait. Let us explain it all to you! Image Credit: Capture CSA Among the novelties presented at CES 2023, the Matter hub announced in November 2022 a […]

4G, 5G, 5G+ all explained!

(This is a translation of an original PlanHub article) 5G and 5G+ are seen as a revolution by operators. Beyond its speed multiplied by 10 compared to 4G, 5G brings technologies in terms of energy consumption.   Image Credit: Bell Canada  It’s here, everywhere, in advertisements, on the Internet or on television, and operators are […]

Koodo vs Telus

Both Koodo and Telus provide extensive national coverage which keeps the country connected.

Koodo and Telus are two very popular mobile providers among Canadians. In case you didn’t know, Telus actually owns Koodo. They introduced Koodo back in 2007 as a flanker brand geared towards younger customers. While Telus mostly focuses on long-term contracts for adults and families, Koodo sells more pay as you go plans at lower […]

Telus vs Rogers

Telus, Rogers and Bell are the most popular telecom providers in Canada by a landslide. With decades of history, insanely fast speeds and unbeatable coverage, we understand why millions of Canadians have chosen one of the “big three” as their service provider. Since these three companies have dominated the market for so long, consumers tend […]

Fido vs Koodo

Fido and Koodo are two of Canada’s most popular mobile phone providers. With millions of satisfied customers, they currently operate as two of the largest flanker brands in the country. “Flanker brand” is a common phrase used to describe mobile carriers that were founded or bought out by larger telecom companies. In case you didn’t […]

Things To Know Before You Move To Another Province

In this blog we're sharing things you should know before you move to another province

While the excitement of relocating to a new province could mean a fresh start, a new opportunity to explore more, or simply something you’ve been looking forward to doing for a while, we’re here to tell you the things to know before you move to another province.  The move entails a bunch of things one […]

Telus vs Bell

Telus, Bell and Rogers have served as Canada’s largest telecom corporations for decades. With unrivalled experience, prices and coverage, it’s no surprise why millions of customers choose them for a number of services. Due to their monopoly over the industry, customers often assume that there is no difference between the three providers. Although the three […]