Fizz vs Oxio

Fizz vs Oxio

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Unlike Bell and Rogers, which have been in the telecom business for decades, Fizz and Oxio are less than 5 years old. If they seem distant, these two operators share several common points. They are digital providers, which means that they don’t have their own stores and that everything is managed from the Internet. On the other hand, Fizz and Oxio have experienced immense growth while addressing the same audience, the millennials. While Oxio is a company in its own right that was recently acquired by Cogeco, Fizz is a brand created from scratch by Videotron. In just a few years, these two operators have nevertheless managed to distinguish themselves both in their packages and in the rates they offer, as we shall see. It must be said that the two companies use completely different software and ways of doing things to manage your connections. On the other hand, as a property of Videotron, Fizz does not have to pay wholesale rates, unlike other secondary providers. Fizz also offers cellular packages, which Oxio does not, but Oxio offers television packages, which Fizz does not. Otherwise, these two companies may be young, but they have grown quickly to reach many customers. claimed to have 30,000 subscribers in May 2022. For its part, Fizz does not wish to share its numbers publicly.


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Launched in 2018 by Videotron, Fizz is a brand of the Quebecor group. Faced with the wave of takeovers in telecoms, Fizz was created from scratch to allow Videotron to offer its own operator targeting millennials and thus able to offer subscriptions and packages at advantageous rates while retaining a financial interest. Fizz targets a young adult clientele and relies on the modularity of its mobile packages. Its website allows you to add or remove services on the fly, giving you total control over your subscription. Finally, Fizz has set up a loyalty system which works quite simply: the longer you stay, the more points you accumulate which will entitle you to discounts on your subscription, or to exchange for free additional data.

Oxio Internet Quebec





Founded by Marc-André Campagna and Francis Careau, Oxio was born in 2019 from the ashes of Accès Telecom. From the beginning of its existence, Oxio’s mission has been to provide stable internet at competitive rates and above all with complete transparency. You can find on Oxio’s website all the figures concerning subscriptions and where each dollar spent in its package goes, while its former CEO Marc-André Campagna even made public his salary of $250,000 per year. Its communication also stands out with a strong penchant for often colloquial language to reinforce this proximity with its customers. This proximity also extends to the possibility of modifying one’s subscription directly from one’s account. Otherwise, Oxio’s strength lies in its self-developed gaiia software, which manages both subscriptions and the network, a task usually assigned to several software programs and human operators. In February 2023, Oxio was acquired by Cogeco, which also licensed gaiia from Oxio.

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Quality of the connection

Fizz uses Videotron’s cable network and thus benefits from the vertical integration offered by its parent company. On the other hand, this situation is advantageous for both Fizz and Videotron, as it allows Fizz to follow Videotron’s expansion in Canada. According to the testimonies we have collected on PlanHub from Fizz users, the network is generally very stable and does not have any problems on this point.

For its part, Oxio uses the Videotron network for its cable subscriptions up to 400 Mbit. In Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Oxio uses the Shaw network. Subscriptions of 750 Mbit and 1000 Mbit are also available. In this case, Oxio uses the Rogers fibre network in Ontario. According to our research and the testimonies we get from PlanHub, it is very rare for Oxio customers to experience slowdowns and other outages.

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If the quality of the connection is the same, it is not the case for the software for the management of the network, the lines or the subscribers. Fizz has benefited from Videotron’s experience, which allows it to reduce its operating costs.

For its part, Oxio has designed its gaiia software, which stands out for its ability to replace the dozens of programs used by traditional operators. By reducing the amount of software needed to run an ISP, Oxio can lower the costs of technical operators, not to mention the automated management of many operations that can be handled by gaiia. Following the acquisition of Oxio by Cogeco, gaiia has also been licensed to Cogeco.

Internet packages

Even though both Fizz and Oxio use Videotron’s network, the internet packages offered and the rates differ between the two providers. Fizz offers packages below Oxio’s rates for all speeds, but Oxio offers subscriptions with speeds that Fizz does not, such as 400 Mbps Internet and an unlimited 10 Mbps package. The two providers are therefore quite different from each other in terms of rates and speeds offered.

10 Mbps: $40
30 Mbps: $3530 Mbps: $50
60 Mbps: $4560 Mbps: $53
120 Mbps: $52120 Mbps: $63
200 Mbps: $55200 Mbps: $80
400 Mbps: $84
750 Mbps: $88
1000 Mbps: $95


Cellular plans

On this side, only Fizz currently offers cellular packages, unlike Oxio which remains only an internet provider.

Fizz offers very interesting packages at an affordable price. The basic cell phone plan offer is around $35 for unlimited for Canada with 3GB of data. However, the unlimited offer at $31 for Quebec only, and especially the same package with 3GB of data, but which includes Canada and the United States for only $39 per month. On the other hand, Fizz stands out from its competitors by offering the possibility to carry over unused data from its pay-per-use plans to the next month, which is appreciated by its customers.

Phone packages

Fizz offers new phones of the latest generation, but also older devices. You can also find many refurbished phones, including iPhone 14. Phones costing around $1000 like the Galaxy S23 or the iPhone 14 come with a two-year commitment, while phones priced around $1500 require a 3-year commitment. Otherwise, Fizz also offers refurbished older phones for around $200 and payable in 4 installments. There is a subtlety however, Fizz does allow you to buy a phone in one payment, however, those offered against several installments are through the credit agency Paybright, which will require a credit check. The price for a phone is the same whether you pay in one payment or over 24 months.

Here are some of the most popular phones offered by Fizz:

iPhone 14, Mini, Pro and Pro Max
iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max
iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max
iPhone SE
Samsung Galaxy S23 + and Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S22 + and Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
Google Pixel 7

Internet coverage

Fizz and Oxio operate in a large part of Quebec as well as in several territories in the other provinces. Note that Fizz covers Ottawa completely. However, their coverage is not the same depending on the region, especially since Oxio also uses the network of Shaw and Rogers outside Quebec.

To find out if Fizz or Oxio offer their services near you, the best way is to use the Planhub tool. After entering your postal code, our tool will tell you if Fizz and Oxio operate in your area and what subscriptions are available.


Fizz has set up a points system that is accumulated by using Fizz services and gives the right to discounts. The possibility to carry over unused data to the next month is very appreciated by users. Fizz is also praised for the great freedom it gives its customers by allowing them to modulate their packages from their customer space.

Oxio’s very direct communication, as well as that of its president Marc-André Campagna, who is particularly present on social networks, have helped give Oxio a friendly and close image with its customers. Its policy of transparency is also very popular and has helped it to build loyalty among its subscribers.

Fizz vs Oxio: Pros and Cons

If we look at the stability of the two services offered, both Fizz and Oxio are praised. Some points differ, first of all in the available subscriptions. Fizz doesn’t offer a TV package while Oxio doesn’t offer a cell phone package.

Accessible cell phone and internet plans


Does not cover the entire western United States and Canada


Canada and U.S. packages among the least expensive


Does not cover all of Quebec and Ontario


Unused data transferred to next month


Customer service criticized for its slowness



Possibility to adjust your subscription directly from your account


No phone service offered


 Gaiia ahead of the competition


1000 Mb Internet still unavailable in several densely populated areas.


Good customer service


TV subscriptions not offered outside Quebec



What do users say?

Planhub users are numerous to leave comments on operators. We have summarized here the reviews given about Fizz and Oxio, but don’t hesitate to check them out, many users also share referral codes.


The comments left by Fizz customers on Planhub are generally complimentary about the quality of the connection as well as its stability. The installation also seems easy to do by yourself.

On the other hand, it is the customer service of Fizz that is the most criticized, especially when a problem occurs, whether it is for the internet or the telephone. In this case, users complain about the slowness to respond from Fizz.


For its part, Oxio also receives excellent comments regarding the speed of the connection and its stability. Their customer service is also praised for its quality, which is very rare for an alternative provider. This quality of customer service is however reflected in Oxio’s rates which, as we have seen, are higher than those of Fizz.


Is Fizz cheaper than Oxio?

Yes, if you compare the packages of Fizz and Oxio, Fizz is indeed cheaper. As a Videotron subsidiary, Fizz does not pay wholesale rates and benefits directly from Videotron’s lines. Fizz also benefits from Videotron’s know-how and tools to lower its operating costs. Like many independent providers, Fizz has also cut back on customer service.

Does Fizz belong to Videotron?

Yes, Fizz is 100% a subsidiary of Videotron. Faced with the concentration of operators due to the increase in rates of Internet blocks, Fizz was created from scratch by Videotron who wanted its own independent provider.

Who is the provider of Oxio?

It depends on the region you live in. In Quebec, Oxio uses the Videotron network. In Ontario, it uses Rogers’ network, and in the other provinces, Oxio can also use Shaw’s network.

Is Fizz good?

We have accumulated several reviews from Fizz customers on PlanHub and in terms of connection quality, Fizz uses the Videotron network for both Internet and telephony. It benefits from excellent stability and the same speeds as the equivalent Videotron packages.

Why buy a cell phone from Fizz?

Fizz offers the same rates as its competitors on bare cell phones. The only difference is that if you pay for your phone in 24 or 36 months, you will have to subscribe to a credit with Paybright which will proceed to a credit check. However, there is no interest if you opt for this method. Your phone will be returned to you at the same price as if you purchased it all at once.

Note that refurbished phones are very attractive. For example, the iPhone 8 sold for $200 can benefit from iOS 16 and its security updates. So Fizz offers phones that can still last a few years.

Fizz Vs Oxio – Conclusion

If Fizz and Oxio rely on an image of independence and affordable rates, their only common point lies in the use of Videotron lines. Otherwise, Fizz and Oxio are two different operators in their way of operating and in terms of network management, without forgetting that if Oxio is a company in its own right, Fizz is mostly a subsidiary created from scratch. There is no one method that is better than the other, they both seem to be profitable and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is still too early to tell how the recent acquisition of Oxio by Cogeco might impact Oxio’s customers. For the time being, Cogeco seems to want to let Oxio continue on its path.

It’s up to you to make an informed choice about which of these providers is best for you. The PlanHub search tool will allow you to see at a glance the packages offered by Fizz and Oxio for both internet and cell phone packages, but also all the providers near you, not to mention the exclusive discounts offered only through PlanHub.

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