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Does AT&T Have a Streaming Service?

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AT&T is one of those companies that hardly needs an introduction. As one of the largest telecom companies in the world, they provide internet and mobile plans to millions of customers across the United States. As such a large company, they also own several subsidiaries and companies that operate below them. This allows AT&T to dip their feet into industries such as gaming, theme parks, entertainment and much more. You may be wondering, does AT&T have a streaming service? Technically, they currently offer a streaming service for their customers to stream content live and on demand. However, they are planning to launch a massive, more traditional streaming service in the near future. If done correctly, it could become one of the most popular and greatest streaming services on the market. Throughout this article, we’ll go over everything about AT&T’s upcoming streaming service.

DirecTV Stream

Before we discuss the upcoming streaming powerhouse AT&T is planning on introducing, we must go over their current streaming offering: DirecTV Stream. Previously known as AT&T TV, DirectTV allows customers to enjoy thousands of live and on demand titles from anywhere they please. With AT&T’s DirectTV streaming device, users can access all the important apps like Netflix, Prime Video and more. Further, the device incorporates voice control, so users can choose what to watch without having to navigate through a complicated menu.

Lastly, DirecTV is available to AT&T customers without an annual contract. So, subscribers can enjoy the benefits of pay as you go plans. If you wish to cancel at the end of a month, you can do so without penalty. On the other hand, if you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan to increase or reduce the amount of channels, you can do so any time. Overall, DirecTV Stream is a strong choice for television watchers in the United States. However, their upcoming streaming service looks to expand their services to the rest of the world.

AT&T’s Streaming Service

While DirecTV stream allows American residents to stream their favourite television shows, AT&T’s upcoming streaming service will function more similarly to services such as Netflix and Disney Plus. The announcement of this service comes following the recent merger between AT&T and WarnerMedia. WarnerMedia is a giant figure in the entertainment industry, owning some of the world’s most recognizable properties including HBO and DC Comics. The two companies will merge to form WarnerMedia Discovery, since AT&T owns the acclaimed and widely known Discovery Channel.

With all these intellectual properties under their belt, AT&T is capable of producing a streaming service that will rival the other industry giants. While Disney Plus continues to hold a monopoly over content produced by Marvel and National Geographic, WarnerMedia Discovery will have a hold over everything DC and Discovery. As two opposing sides of the same coin, these two streaming services will undoubtedly divide fans and directly compete with each other. 

When Will AT&T’s Streaming Service Launch?

If you’re a big fan of DC Comics and the Discovery Channel, you may be excited to hear about a streaming service combining both of these properties. As such, you’ve probably got all kinds of questions like when will AT&T’s streaming service launch? How much will it cost? Will it have any original content? And much more. Unfortunately, due to the early nature of the WarnerMedia Discovery deal, a lot of these questions will not be answered for a very long time. Although the merger was announced recently, it will not be officially completed until mid 2022. Once the merger is officially complete, they will (most likely) immediately get to work on producing their streaming service.

Furthermore, Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav stated that they wish to reach 400 million homes worldwide. On top of this, they are planning on spending $20 billion per year on producing new content for the streaming service. This colossal number is even more than Disney Plus’ yearly budget, and almost as much as Netflix. For a streaming service that does not yet exist, this is a massive sum of money. By promising such a huge budget before even launching, WarnerMedia Discovery is undoubtedly trying to compete with the industry’s most popular streaming services. Fortunately, fans can expect high-budget original shows and movies that can exclusively be viewed on this upcoming service. 

AT&T vs Netflix & Disney Plus

So, what will the upcoming AT&T streaming service need in order to surpass the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus? As the two most popular streaming services, a third competitor would need to offer something uniquely different to rise to their ranks. While Netflix offers the largest collection of original content, Disney Plus is renowned for its collection of classic titles from recognizable studios. Although it is a bit too early to tell, it seems as if WarnerMedia Discover could try to introduce a “middle ground” streaming service. Meaning, it will include a wide variety of original content, as well as beloved titles to entice viewers. For example, if WarnerMedia Discovery streams all the classic Batman films and animated series, on top of producing new content in the DC universe, they would garner significant attention.

Even further, once the streaming service launches, all other services will have to remove their DC, Discovery and other related media owned by WarnerMedia. By functioning as the only way to view Warner-owned content, users will definitely notice their presence. Not being able to view DC content could be a dealbreaker for tons of users, who could cancel their current deals in exchange for AT&T’s streaming service. Overall, if WarnerMedia Discovery manages to balance what services like Disney Plus and Netflix do best, they could easily shake up the industry and spark some competition. Given their massive budget towards original content and ownership of recognizable media properties, it seems highly plausible. 

What to Watch Before AT&T’s Streaming Service

With so much potential, WarnerMedia Discovery will likely earn millions of subscribers from all over the world. With its impressive roster and dedication to original content, users should expect a large variety of viewing options. Still, you may be wondering what to watch before the AT&T streaming service launches in the upcoming years. Thankfully, there is no shortage of great options. Depending on what you like to watch, Canadians have an abundance of channels and streaming services to choose from. If you enjoy binge watching movies and TV shows, you should consider signing up for a popular streaming service if you haven’t already. For similar content to the upcoming WarnerMedia Discovery, try a free trial with Disney Plus.

On the other hand, if you’re a big sports fan, you might want to consider a cable plan with some of Canada’s best sports channels. While cable television may be less popular than usual, it remains the best way to enjoy sports related content. Additionally, these cable subscriptions tend to include free apps with on demand capabilities. Meaning, even when far from home, users can watch live streams of important matches from their mobile device or laptop. If you’ve ever struggled with finding a suitable television plan, there’s no need to worry. PlanHub will soon be launching its television plan searching tool. Once launched, all you need to do is answer a few basic questions, and you’ll be matched with the best, most affordable TV plans in the country! Make sure to visit our website regularly so you know as soon as this service goes live.


All in all, this upcoming AT&T streaming service should be on everybody’s radar. With its monopoly over Discovery and DC content, as well as their enormous budget towards original content, fans can expect some great streaming opportunities in the near future. We know we can hardly wait for WarnerMedia Discovery’s service to become available, and want to gauge your interest! Are you excited for this streaming venture, or not so much? Would you consider leaving your current streaming service(s) for AT&T’s, or is it too early to tell? As always, we’re curious to know how our readers feel, and invite everyone to express themselves by leaving a comment.

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