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The next iOS update will allow users to disable the battery-down feature of your old iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the next iOS 11 update is set to allow users to disable the feature that causes malfunctions that limit the processor speed of the device to maintain performance. battery.

Last month, Apple admitted that the company is intentionally slowing down iPhones as they age to prevent battery quality issues and unintended closures. While much of the controversy was about the slowdown – which was actually finding a way to ensure that older iPhones remain stable – Apple should have focused on the lack of transparency in company regarding functionality.


The CEO of Apple also says that the update will inform users when the performance of their iPhone has begun to suffer. He also says that the limitation can be disabled, but mentions that this option is not recommended. The CEO of Apple adds that he is still behind the letter of apology from Apple after the initial rebound in early December.

Apple currently offers replacement batteries at a reduced price of $ 35 for the iPhone 6 (offer available until 2018), regardless of the results of diagnostic tests. However iPhone 6 replacement batteries are currently in short supply.


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