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Business Internet Plan Comparison (Canada)

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Are you looking for the perfect internet plan for your business? Luckily, many Canadian providers offer a number of internet plans designed specifically for businesses. Regardless, we understand how long and complicated looking for an internet plan can be. Fortunately, we hope to make the process much easier for you and your business. First, we will offer an explanation of business internet plans in Canada, how they function and what to pay attention to. Then, the remainder of the article will be a business internet plan comparison. Here, we’ll introduce some of the greatest, most affordable business internet plans. By comparing and contrasting them, you should be able to find a perfect plan that precisely matches the needs of your business.

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ISP Business Plans – What Makes Them Different?

When searching for internet plans online, you may have noticed that companies separate their services into two categories: Residential and business. Typically, websites will default to residential internet. However, if you find and click on the business tab, the website should transform. Naturally, the majority of customers shopping for internet plans are looking for a plan for their own homes. So, it makes sense that the business plans are somewhat hidden. Business cell phone plans are also advertised separately from residential ones. Still, how do these ISP business plans differ from the ones we are more familiar with?


More than anything, business plans differ from resident plans in terms of range. Depending on the size of your business office, you may need WiFi in a much larger range than when buying internet for a household. Thus, providers will provide multiple WiFi routers that share the same network and internet plan. In doing so, employees can walk around their workplace and always have a stable internet connection. Further, they will only have to connect to a single network once. Business internet plans also tend to offer certain perks like security systems or a landline phone. As a result, these business plans are more expensive than typical internet plans. Finally, most internet business plans are longer commitments than residential ones. You can typically expect to sign up for a three year contract, rather than paying as you go. Now that you are more familiar with the core differences, we can start our business internet plan comparison.

Commercial Internet Plans – The Big Three

With such a competitive market, finding the right plan for your business is no easy task. The best internet providers in Canada are constantly fighting to offer the greatest and most affordable service. For our comparison, we will analyze the best commercial internet plans from major telecom companies, as well as smaller providers. In doing so, we hope to introduce a variety of options for your business, so you can find the perfect fit.


Canada’s “Big Three” refers to the three major telecom providers: Telus, Bell and Rogers. These corporations have a monopoly over the industry, with millions of customers nationwide. Of course, they also supply businesses of all sizes with internet service. Here’s everything you need to know about the big three’s business internet plans:



All Telus business internet plans offer a fibre optic WiFi connection with unlimited monthly usage. For every plan, users can add up to four different WiFi networks to increase their range. Users also gain access to an intuitive cloud-based network, which allows them to easily manage the network and its security. Telus offers four different fibre internet packages as of October 2021. These three-year plans offer download speeds of 25Mbps, 75Mbps, 300Mbps and 1Gbps. In exchange, customers are expected to pay $65, $85, $125 and $115 a month respectively. As luck would have it, Telus’ 1Gbps plan is available at a reduced price of $115 per month for a limited time. Make sure to take advantage of this limited offer, and keep your eye out for more promotions from Telus.



Bell’s business internet plans work similarly to Telus. They offer a number of three-year contracts at increasing prices and download speeds. However, while Telus allows users to use up to four WiFi routers, Bell internet is streamlined through a single hub. This hub is the home base of your business’ connection, and can connect to multiple devices either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable. Additionally, Bell’s ZoneAlarm security is included with all their plans. This provides additional online security for your entire business network. Currently, Bell offers five different plans which range in price from $49.95 a month to $149.95 a month. In exchange, businesses can receive download speeds that range from 30Mbps to 940Mbps, and upload speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 150Mbps. 



All Rogers business plans come with the option to purchase additional features that could greatly benefit your business. Customers can purchase LTE backup, Advantage WiFi or Advantage Security for an additional monthly fee. The LTE backup kicks in if the primary network ever shuts down, ensuring you can still get work done. Advantage WiFi filters out guest traffic from worker traffic, making sure employees benefit off an uninterrupted high-speed connection. Finally, Advantage Security offers antivirus/hacker protection. Of Rogers’ four internet business plans, their cheapest one costs $94.99 per month for 30Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed. On the other hand, their most expensive plan costs $129.99 a month for 1Gbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed. 

Business Internet Plan Comparison – Other Providers

While the big three may offer some of the best business internet plans in the country, we cannot ignore the great options from Canada’s other companies. Many subsidiaries and independent companies offer their own services for businesses, targeted at a more specific audience. These plans are typically more affordable, and geared towards smaller businesses. If the big three’s plans seem too expensive and intense, you may benefit off a smaller plan from a smaller company. Here’s a small selection of great options you can purchase today:



Although Videotron is still a huge provider with tons of clients, their services are only available in Quebec. If you’re seeking a suitable plan for your business, Videotron’s business internet plans offer deals for small businesses with a few employees to huge offices. All Videotron’s plans provide hybrid fibre internet. Users can purchase a 15Mbps plan for $71.95 a month, a 200Mbps plan for $79.95 and a 400Mbps plan for $89.95. These packages are a great option for smaller businesses that don’t want to break the bank on an unnecessarily expensive plan from one of the big three.



Despite their recent public campaign against the CRTC, TekSavvy also provides a number of internet plans for businesses all over the country. The company offers unlimited plans at different tiers, geared towards businesses of different sizes. TekSavvy’s internet plans cost $44.95, $69.95, $74.95 or $139.95 per month. In exchange, they provide download speeds of 6Mbps, 50Mbps, 60Mbps and 400Mbps respectively. With such a wide range of prices and download speeds, businesses of any size should be able to find a suitable plan with TekSavvy.



Comwave is a Toronto-based provider that offers a number of telecom services to Canadians. They set themselves apart from their competition by offering an inclusive bundle for businesses. Comwave’s business internet bundle combines high-speed internet with their Webex app for business meetings and a business phone line for $99.95 a month. Additionally, businesses can qualify for three months free. Finally, similarly to Rogers, customers can pay extra fees for added perks. Comwave offers an LTE backup connection, managed internet and a stable VPN for employees. Comwave’s service is an intriguing alternative to other companies’ traditional approaches to business internet plans.



After reading through our business internet plan comparison, you should have a better understanding of the available packages on the market. Whether you own a small business or a huge company, there are all kinds of great deals available for you within Canada. Both the big three and other companies can help find your perfect plan. Of course, this is just a brief list, and we cannot cover every business internet plan in the country.


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