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Lucky vs Public mobile vs Chatr

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PlanHub is an innovative search engine offering the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada. Access a selection of the best plans for your needs in only a few seconds. Our platform is constantly updated and guarantees the best prices and deals on the market. Our alert system keeps you informed on the best deals and will notify you of the best moment to make a purchase or if it’s advisable to wait for better prices. This way you can save time and money.

When one wishes to buy a new cell phone plan, one often spends hours looking on the various providers websites. Finding quality at a low price can seem complicated. For those wanting a basic cell phone plan with the least expensive options, we compared the wireless providers Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile and Chatr in order to expose you all the services and options suggested

Lucky mobile

Lucky mobile cell phone plans

Lucky mobile is a subsidiary of Bell Canada and the network coverage is rather dense. Two kinds of cell phone plans are proposed to you: “Zone” and “Provinces and Canada.” The “Zone” plans have a pricing ranging from $20 per month up to $50 per month and offer you a 3G connection. As for them, the “Provinces and Canada” plans prices go from $10 per month to $45 per month. Those plans allow you to make calls and send texts. There’s no mobile data included, but you can always add some with the “data add-on” options, going from 500 MB to 2 GB.
Lucky Mobile does not propose a mobile application, but you can always connect yourself on their site in the section “My account”, and get access to your billing & invoices.

Public Mobile

Public mobile cell phone plans

Public mobile belongs to the company TELUS and has a wide network area throughout Canada. The cell phone plans suggested have a network 3G and 4G LTE. The pricing goes as follows : from $10 for the very least expensive plans and $45 for the more expensive ones, comprising 2GB of 4G LTE data. It is always possible for you to create your own plan, customizing elements such as the duration of the plan, the calling options, the number of texts and the desired data amount.

Public mobile proposes options which can be advantageous. Sponsorship gives you a $1 credit on your bill. There is no limit on the number of possible sponsorships and thus amount of profit. The automatic payments can also make you save. Choose the economic payment and save $2 every 30 days. Loyalty also makes you earn money. Gain 1$ every 30 days and $2 the second year. Lastly, Public mobile does not have a call center, but an online community. If you wish to ask a question, it is necessary for you to be connect to the Internet and ask it on this Public Mobile community. Know also that if you answer questions there, you’ll get points which will be converted into $10 every 30 days.

Chatr Mobile

Chatr cell phone plans

Chatr Mobile is a subsidiary of Rogers and it’s the cover of the network extends on all Canada with a connection in 3G. The cell phone plans which are proposed by Chatr are divided of named category “zone.” Montreal, the larger Toronto area, Vancouver and a few other cities in Canada are part of it. When you are in one of the “zones” your plan price includes the unlimited calls in Canada, the texts international, the data and a choice of a batch of data at the speed 3G. Expenses with the use apply for the use of the minutes, the texts and the data when you are outside a data field chatr.

The plans go from $20 per month for the least expensive one, to $50 per month for most expensive.
Chatr proposes a mobile application named “my Chatr”, available on App Store and Google Play. This application enables you to reload your account more easily, to access your account, to follow your plan usage, to pay your invoices online and to find the nearest store.

Many advantages are offered to you by the providers; and we don’t always know all of them. The lack of information can be very costly, with the purchase of a plan price which does not correspond to our expectations and our usage. If you wish to have more information on the comparisons of the cell phone plans offers do not hesitate to check and discover the best prices of the moment.

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  1. Public mobile has no customer service or help available. They tell you to contact community which is lame. Does Chatr work same way?

    1. Chatr has great customer service, your never on the phone very long..
      I am currently with Telus.. was with Chatr for years..

  2. s long as you never have any type of problem, you’ll be fine, but the minute you do, you’ll wish that you had went with a different service. Their so called on-line support is nothing less than pathetic.

  3. I am with Chatr. I have never had a problem with loosing cell service and I’m in a small town in Alberta. If you call customer service from your cell phone, you can be charged 5 bucks from your account depending the issue I guess. So call from a landline if you can. Learned that the hard way. The customer service is sort of lacking. They aren’t very thorough on there advice or instructions or why something is happening. I am technically not in a “zone” so I have to take a cut to what I qualify for on the plans and have to end up spending more and getting less. This to me is bs, and was not explained as there map clearly states there is service making you think your in a zone plan.I have been looking at Lucky mobile now as they offer almost the same but better pricing for out of zone customers and i don’t have to sacrifice my data plan. Still not sure what to do….

  4. Lucky Mobile has no phone number, and after activating my Dollarama SIM card and following the 20$ promo to the tee…and you guessed it nada. No way to complain, no service department. I just hope the phone doesn’t go down.

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