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eSim for Turkey is becoming exceedingly popular among travelers, but what is eSim? To give you a brief idea, an eSim is just the digital version of a regular SIM card. How it works is, it’s downloaded onto a chip already integrated into your mobile phone. This lets mobile carriers identify your cell phone without having to provide you with a physical SIM card. Also, phones that accept an eSim contain a dual SIM card, so you can keep your existing SIM card in your device.

Traveling to Turkey

Having to plan a trip to Turkey can come across as a very complex and taxing process. Travelers usually plan to cover several cities in the same trip, making it less ideal for having to search for mobile plans or additional SIM cards. With an eSim, one can do this before they even get to their destination thanks to simbud.

Turk Telekom is one of the companies that offers the infrastructure to support eSim in Turkey. The services in the table below are MNVOs for these companies. They resell the services of the main service providers under another brand name. You can gather more information on MNVOs from this article right here: MNVOs in Canada: A Guide.  

eSim Turkey

Why get an eSim?

There are several benefits to getting an eSim for travel. First and foremost, it saves you a lot of extra time. After downloading an eSim, you won’t have to worry about visiting a store or buying a SIM card to recharge it. The process is completely online and you can purchase data from your mobile phone anytime. 

 Moreover, it’s a more economical option than many of the travel options offered by Canadian wireless carriers. On an average, a roaming data plan costs $15 per day and provides a small amount of data.

eSim for Turkey

Here are the 3 most popular offers for Turkey:


Airalo Flexiroam Simtex
5GB (30 days) 3GB (8 days) 10GB (30 days)
$12.00 $7.00 $31.00


Note : The prices shown above are in USD. 

We hope that you enjoy reading our article “eSim card Canada: the complete guide” to learn more about eSim technology. And while you’re at it, you can also check the compatibility of your phone. 

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