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Airalo eSim card: For Your Travels

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Airalo eSim card provides tourists the freedom to stay connected with their near and dear ones when traveling. They offer affordable and flexible data plans that can be used in over 190 countries across the globe. Airalo eSim cards are available for both iOS and android devices, making them more than ideal for international travelers. 

Airalo eSim cards are great for people who would rather not be tied to a single carrier or data plan. Airalo’s flexible plans allow travelers to tweak their data usage and limit as needed, so they can stay connected with their friends and family without breaking the bank. 

Airalo eSim is Available in Many Countries

Some of which are:

Visit Airalo to check availability for other countries.

Airalo eSim Card

Airalo’s most popular plans

Country Data Price
France 5GB (30 days) $15.00
Spain  5GB (30 days) $12.00
United States 10GB (30 days) $26.00
China 5GB (30 days) $21.00
Italy 10GB (30 days) $16.00


Note : The prices are in USD.

Steps to subscribe

  1. Create an account either on Airalo or visit simbud.
  2. Select and buy the eSim you want.
  3. Download the eSim onto your cell phone.

To quickly summarize, Airalo is one of the most prominent eSim providers. They’ve gained more popularity because they provide services in more than 190 countries. Airalo’s goal is to be able to provide a prepaid package to anyone looking to travel.

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