Learn everything you need to know about eSim for United Kingdom and ways to keep in touch with your peers and friends when traveling.

eSim United Kingdom : Plan Your Trip

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With time, it’s getting more common for travelers to get eSim for the United Kingdom, but what is an eSim? Well, an eSim is like a typical SIM card, but digital. Downloading the eSim is an easy and painless process that will have your phone ready to use in no time at all. This means, operators can detect your phone without having to provide you with a physical SIM card. For those who didn’t know, dual-SIM support is required for eSim technology devices; so you can keep your existing SIM card in your cell phone when you get home.

Traveling to The UK

Preparing for a trip to the UK can be a complex and expensive process and the logistics of getting there can feel stressful. The UK is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe, with many popular cities to explore. But with all the travel planning, you might not have the time to look for a SIM card when you arrive.  With an eSim, you can have your data before reaching your destination.

Several telecom service providers support eSim technology in the UK, here are a few: Telefonica O2, EE and H3G UK. The service providers in the following table are all MNVOs of these companies. In short, an MNVO resells the service of a large supplier under its own brand. If you would like to learn more about MNVOs, you can read our article – MNVO in Canada: the guide.   


Why get an eSim?

An eSim can be a great option for travelers who want to stay connected. One of the advantages is that the purchase and installation process is done 100% online. This allows you to buy your data or your SIM card without having to go to the store. You won’t have to waste time and enjoy your stay even more.

In addition, getting an eSim will save you money, as the travel rates offered by Canadian telecom providers are often very expensive. Typically, roaming charges cost around $15 per day and offer a limited amount of data.


eSim for UK

Here are the 3 most popular offers for the UK:


Airalo Nomad Ubigi
3GB (30 days) 10GB (30 days) 3GB (30 days)
$10.00 $14.00 $8.00

Note : The prices shown above are in USD. 


Want to learn more? Check out our article- “eSim Canada: the complete guide” and learn everything about eSim technology as well as find out your phone’s compatibility. 

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