Nomad eSim Card

Nomad eSim Card : Made for Travelers

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Nomad eSim card is excellent for tourists looking to stay connected when traveling overseas. With the eSim prepaid mobile plans, you can easily maintain contact with friends and family without being physically present when on the go. Nomad eSims are available in over 100 countries and are compatible with Android and iOS cell phones. 

Nomad is a brilliant option for users who don’t want to feel stuck with a specific provider or have to rely on plans with high roaming charges. Travelers who travel to multiple countries can leverage regional data plans that provide the flexibility to choose an offer that covers all the destinations in a particular region. Thanks to Nomad, you can maintain communication with your loved ones without having to spend too much.

Nomad eSim Card Availability in Various Countries

Nomad eSim Card

 Some of Nomad’s popular plans 

Country Data Price
France 3GB (30 days) $12.00
Spain  3GB (30 days) $12.00
United States 5GB (30 days) $20.00
China 5GB (30 days) $54.00
Italy 5GB (30 days) $16.00

Note : The prices are in USD.

How to subscribe

  1. Purchase your eSim on simbud.
  2. Then, install your eSim.
  3. Finally, activate your eSim using the app.

In general, Nomad offers many amazing features to its users, such as the ability to use multiple eSims from a single account along with varying prices. With that being said, Nomad consistently strives to deliver a superior eSim experience to its clients across the globe.

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