In this blog, we’re discussing everything you need to know about eSim for the US and ways to keep in touch with your loved ones when traveling.

eSim United States : Perfect For Your Trip

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More and more travelers have been opting for eSims for the United States, but what is an eSim? To put it simply, an eSim card is like any other regular SIM, except it’s digital. This eSim can be downloaded onto a chip that is already in your cell phone. This allows operators to identify your device without having to provide you with one of their physical SIM cards. Additionally, cell phones that support eSim also have dual SIM provision, so you can keep your existing SIM card in your cell phone after you return from your trip.

Traveling to the US

The process of planning a trip to the US can feel a little too daunting. The trip could often involve going from one place to another, or oftentimes traveling to several destinations!

Hence, having a SIM card shouldn’t feel like the biggest concern right after you land. But with an eSim, you can do this right before you reach your destination. 

There are several telecommunication companies in the US that support eSim technology, and here are a few: AT&T, T-Mobile and Tello. The services shown in the table below are MNVOs of these companies. 

To learn more about MNVO, we definitely recommend you to read – MNVOs in Canada: The Guide. Basically, an MNVO sells services of some of the largest providers, under their brand name.


Why get an eSim?

Getting an eSim for a trip can be very useful. The purchase and installation process is completely online and you can buy more data without having to go to a store. It not only saves you a bunch of time, but you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Moreover, this type of service won’t burn a hole in your pocket since it is much more cost-effective than the travel rates offered by Canadian mobile providers. In general, data roaming costs $15 per day and offers only a small amount of data.

eSim For The US

Here are the 3 most popular offers for US:


3GB (14 days)10GB (30 days)10GB (30 days)

Note : The prices shown above are in USD. 

You can also read our article “eSim Canada: the complete guide” to learn more about eSim technology and to see if your phone is compatible.


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