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GlobaleSIM eSim Card is an eSim provider that allows users to access a global mobile network. With GlobaleSIM, users can connect to any mobile operator in the world and enjoy low-cost international roaming. GlobaleSIM eSim card also offers a variety of other features such as international calls and data, which make it a perfect option for those who travel every now and then.

GlobaleSIM offers prepaid eSim plans for over 150 countries around the world. Meaning, you can enjoy your travel and stay connected without having to spend a fortune. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about being tied to a local supplier.

GlobaleSIM is Available in Many Countries

Here are some:

GlobaleSIM eSim Card

GlobaleSIM’s Most Popular Plans

Country Data Price
France 10GB (30 days) $30.00
Spain  5GB (21 days) $18.00
United States 10GB (30 days) $30.00
China 5GB (21 days) $48.00
Italy 10GB (30 days) $30.00

Note : The prices are in USD.

Steps to subscribe:

  1. Purchase your eSim on simbud.
  2. Scan the QR code that you should receive through email.
  3. Download the eSim onto your cell phone.
  4. Top up your existing eSim GlobaleSIM with a few simple steps.

All in all, GlobaleSIM eSim cards are an ideal option for travelers, taking into accounts their low roaming costs along with the ability to connect to several local operators. Unlike many other eSim providers, GlobaleSIM offers the option to purchase minutes so travelers can make international calls from certain countries.

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