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Travelers are increasingly turning to eSim for China, but what is an eSim? An eSim basically is a digital version of the old SIM card: it’s added onto a chip that’s already built into your phone. Which means the carrier would not require a physical SIM card to recognize your phone. Additionally, eSim-enabled phones are dual-SIM, so you can keep your existing SIM card in the device for when you return.

Traveling to China

Planning a trip to China can seem like a complicated and exhausting process. Travelers often try to cover multiple cities in one trip, which doesn’t leave them with much time to look for cellular plans or SIM cards. With an eSim, you can do this before you even get to your destination.

China Unicom is one such company that provides the infrastructure to support eSim in China. The services covered in the table below are MNVOs of these companies. They resell the services of big providers under another brand. To learn more about MNVOs, you can head over to our blog – MNVOs in Canada: the guide. 

eSim China

Why get an eSim?

There are several benefits to getting an eSim for travel. Firstly, it will save you lots of time. By downloading an eSim, you will never have to go to the store again. The process is done entirely online and you can purchase data from your phone anytime.

Secondly, it’s more economical than the travel options offered by Canadian mobile service providers. On an average, data roaming plans cost $15 per day and offer a small amount of data.

eSim for China


Here are the 3 most popular offers for China:


AiraloMOGO eSIMSimOptions
5GB (30 days)3GB (10 days)6GB (10 days)


Note : The prices shown above are in USD. 

Lastly, we would love for you to read our article “eSim card Canada: the complete guide” so you can learn more about eSim technology and see if your phone is compatible.


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