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MOGO eSim Card : Roam Carefree

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MOGO eSim card is a great option for travelers who want to stay connected with their near and dear ones when traveling. Prepaid plans using eSim technology will allow you to stay in touch with friends and family while on the go. MOGO eSims are available in over 60 countries and as of 2021, Nomad is available for iOS and Android users. 

MOGO esim card is perfect for users who don’t want to be with a specific provider or pay high roaming charges that come with their Canadian provider. The best part is that MOGO offers regional packages for frequent travelers, allowing them to stay connected without having to empty their pockets. 

MOGO eSim Card’s coverage

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America

MOGO eSim Card

MOGO’s most popular plans 

France3GB (30 days)$12.00
Spain 3GB (30 days)$12.00
United States3GB (30 days)$19.90
China3GB (10 days)$9.90
Italy5GB (60 days)$18.00


Note : The prices are in USD.

How to subscribe

  1. Purchase your eSim on MOGO or through the app.
  2. Then install your eSim.
  3. Finally, activate your eSim on the app.

All things considered, MOGO offers amazing services to its customers such as the option to have multiple eSims at the same time on a single device along with the regional plans that work in many countries. In short, MOGO is at the service of its customers and aims to make their eSim experience as pleasant as possible.  

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