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Nowadays it is very common for travelers to get eSims for their trip, but what is an eSim? In simple words, an eSim is like a typical SIM card, but digital. The eSim is simply downloaded onto a chip that comes installed in your cell phone at the time of manufacture. This allows operators to detect your phone without having to provide you with a physical SIM card. Cell phones that support eSim technology need to be dual SIM supported, so you can keep your existing SIM card in your cell phone when you get home.

Traveling to Italy

When you are planning a trip to Italy, the logistics of getting there can be hard work. And because there are so many popular cities in this country, you may have tons of places covered on your itinerary. Which means you might not have the time to look for a SIM card when you arrive. Thanks to eSim’s technology, you can buy your data plan before you even land in Italy.

Several companies that serve the whole of Italy support eSim technology, here are some of them: Vodafone, Telecom Italia, Wind Tre, ILIAD Italy and TIM. The eSim providers you will find below sell the services of the big providers mentioned earlier. These are called MNVOs. If you would like to learn more about MNVOs, you can read our article – MNVOs in Canada: the guide.   

eSim Italy

Why get an eSim?

Buying an eSim is surely a good decision if you are planning a trip. An eSim can be bought online and the process is prompt. One of the best things about this technology is that you never have to go to the store or wait for your SIM card to arrive.

Moreover, you are sure to save money by getting an eSim, because the packages offered by the providers below are often available at more reasonable prices than those offered by the Canadian providers. On an average, Canadian roaming charges are charged per day at a cost of $15, giving you access to a minimal amount of data.

eSim for Italy

Here are the 3 most popular eSim offers for Italy:

Airalo Nomad Ubigi
10GB (30 days) 3GB (30 days) 10GB (30 days)
$16.00 $11.00 $18.00


Note : The prices shown above are in USD. 

If you’re curious to learn more, you can read our article “eSim Canada: the complete guide” and gather more information related to eSim technology as well as find out your phone’s compatibility. 

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