The large number of Fizz mobile plans advantages make them a highly appealing provider for Canadians.

Fizz Mobile Plans Advantages

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As one of the newest independent providers in Canada, Fizz has made a splash in the telecom industry. Their affordable plans, unique advertising and numerous reward programs have garnered national attention. With this post, we’ll go over the various Fizz Mobile plans advantages users can expect.

Who Owns Fizz Mobile?

Before we highlight the advantages, we thought we’d give you a little background information about who owns Fizz Mobile. Fizz is a new mobile provider in the Quebec market founded by Videotron in 2018. With its low-priced plans, Fizz joins the ranks of affordable Quebec providers Fido, Virgin and Koodo – respectively the affordable sub-brands of Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Although competition in the telecommunications market remains weak in Canada compared to the rest of the world, Quebec is one of only three Canadian provinces to benefit from having a 4th provider, Videotron – a strong regional competitor to Bell, Rogers and Telus. The other two provinces with a strong 4th contender are Saskatchewan (with SaskTel) and Manitoba (with Xplore Mobile). This could change soon as the CRTC is in the process of evaluating the wireless industry in Canada and is due to take a decision on allowing MVNOs.

With Fizz mobile plans, there are no long term contracts so you are always in control of your plan and spending. All mobile plans are changeable and customizable month-to-month and customer support is completely virtual: no more waiting indefinitely at the store or on the phone to change your plan. There are also no fees to change your plan. To get started with Fizz, all you need is your own device since Fizz is a BYOD provider. Not sure if buying your own cell phone is worth it? Check out our article on device financing here. 

Fizz sets itself apart with its affordable prices, fully virtual customer service and flexible packages. To see all the Fizz packages available in your region, click here and choose your province from the menu at the top right of the screen.

The advantages of Fizz Mobile Canada

When you browse plans on PlanHub, thumbs up notes will show up under the different offers. Here is an overview of Fizz Mobile Canada thumbs-up notes.

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Your unused data will be transferred to the following month

Fizz was amongst the first and remains one of the only mobile providers in Canada to offer Data Rollover to its members. Are you the type who doesn’t use all your data every month? With Fizz, your unused data will automatically rollover to the next month. This rolled over data remains usable for the following 2 months. Don’t you plan to use them even after this period? Gift your data to another member!

Invite a friend and each get a referral bonus of $ 40

Fizz promises $ 40 to all of its customers who refer a friend. Your friend just needs to subscribe to mobile or internet service and in the 2nd month of subscription, you will both receive your $ 40 credit. Best of all? You can refer as many users as you want!


Earn Rewards Every Month

Fizz lets you earn points and badges when you complete different actions. Want free data and discounts on your plan? Whether it’s to recommend friends, donate data to other members, answer questions in the Fizz community’s frequently asked questions or simply pay your bills, Fizz rewards you! You can use up to 3 rewards each month and choose which ones you want month after month. Not bad at all!

And there you go! Now that you know more about Fizz thumbs up notes, take a look at our search tool to find the perfect plan for your needs.


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