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How to Choose The Best Internet Provider

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When there are so many options in the market, how do you choose the best internet provider? This is exactly the question that PlanHub’s free internet comparison tool was designed to help you solve. Choosing an internet provider for yourself or a family member may seem like a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. In this post, we’ll walk you through some best practices, tips and hacks to help you choose the best Internet provider for your needs. 


What Internet Provider Should I Use: Step 1 – Evaluate your Needs

The first step to deciding what Internet provider you should use is to evaluate your needs and decide for yourself what sort of Internet plan you are looking for: unlimited, cheapest, fastest? If you’re unsure, which one would suit you best, here’s a quick summary of each of these:

Unlimited Internet plans

Costing slightly more than the cheapest plans but not always as much as the fastest plans, unlimited plans are like Goldilock’s favourite – Just right for most people. They allow you to stream shows and movies to your heart’s content, play online multiplayer games, download stuff, stream high-quality music and much more all without having to worry about bill-shock. For families with multiple users and devices or even for individuals with multiple connected devices, unlimited plans are usually the best option.

Check out the best Unlimited Internet Plans in Toronto

Check out the best Unlimited Internet Plans in Montreal


Cheapest Internet plans

If however, your Internet usage is limited to occasional browsing, some light streaming and you only have a couple of connected devices, or if you’re just on a tight budget, there are some really good, economical Internet plans to suit your needs. 

Check out the cheapest Internet plans in Montreal

Check out the cheapest Internet plans in Toronto


Fastest Internet plans 

If however, nothing but the fastest speeds will suffice then don’t look past these high-speed internet plans from some of the best telecom providers and find the one that’s made just for you. 

Check out the fastest internet plans in Montreal

Check out the fastest internet plans in Toronto


Some ISPs specialise in unlimited plans, others offer some of the best cheapest Internet on the market and some take pride in offering blazing high speeds. Once you know your needs, you can start narrowing down the ISPs that will work best for you. 


How To Choose An ISP: Step 2 – Check Ratings and Reviews

Now that you know what ISPs are providing the sort of speeds and plans that you are looking for, next comes: How do you choose the best ISP? Simple. You check their ratings and reviews on PlanHub! Hundreds of other users just like yourself have already submitted ratings and reviews of their ISP, so by going through them you’ll know what to expect. But, to make your task even easier, we’ve listed 5 of the most popular ISPs on PlanHub (chosen based on both, rating as well as number of reviews) to help make sure you’re choosing the best ISP for your needs.


Virgin Plus Logo

Virgin Plus – Formerly known as Virgin Mobile, they rebranded as Virgin Plus in 2021 when they expanded their product line beyond mobility plans. Currently offering Internet plans in Onatrio and Quebec only, Virgin Plus is known for offering a variety of plans and perks in the form of exclusive member access. They offer unlimited plans ranging in price from $39 per month to $80 and speeds from a modest 10 mbps all the way up to 100 mbps. 


Logo Rogers

Rogers – Rogers internet is available in multiple provinces (excpet Quebec) and they target mainly the higher speed, unlimited plan seekers with plans ranging in speed from 75mbps for $79 to a 1000 mbps for $129. 


Fido Logo

Fido – As a subsidiary of Rogers, Fido operates in Ontario and uses Rogers’ trusted internet infrastructure but targets the goldilocks market. As a result, Fido offers great deals on Internet plans offering 75mbps for just $37 and 150 mbps for just $42. So, if you’re  in Ontario and looking to get a solid deal on the fast internet, then your hunt stops now.


Teksavvy logo

TekSavvy – TekSavvy is a promising new service provider that offers high speeds at low cost. They operate entirely online, provide 24/7 customer service and include no long-term contracts. Operating both in Ontario as well as Quebec, they offer lots of options ranging from $35 to $135!


Fizz Logo
Fizz Internet – Operating only in the province of Quebec and in Ottawa, Fizz is a subsidiary of Videotron and also an online only ISP. Using Videotron’s reliable network Fizz offers plans from $45 for 60mbps to 200 mbps for just $75 per month.


How To Pick an Internet Provider: Step 3 – Check your location etc

Even highly rated ISPs who offer the speeds and plans you want may still not work for you because they might not operate in the city or province where you live. So how do you pick an Internet Provider for yourself? Here are some additional things to keep in mind: 

  • Your postal code: Not all ISPs offer services in all postal codes, even in provinces where they operate. 
  • Modem: Do you need a modem? Some providers can sell or rent you a modem or reduce the price if you already own your own modem. And prices can vary based on modem rental and sale.
  • Installation fees: Some service providers also charge an installation fee while others don’t. 
  • Your current Internet Speed: Check your internet speeds with a speed test to determine what speeds you are actually getting and then compare which other providers are providing the same or better speeds at a better deal. 


In Summary: Here are the best plans in Quebec for each of the types of Internet Plans: 


PlansISPSpeedMonthly usageMonthly Price
UnlimitedEGC Telecom
(see more)
(see more)
(see more)



Conclusion: How To Choose The Best Internet Provider – Use PlanHub!  

Of course, you could do your own meticulous research using all the criteria we have listed above or you can simply conduct a search for Internet plans on PlanHub. Like we said at the beginning, we are passionate about helping you choose the best Internet provider and plan for your needs. We take all the above criteria and many more into consideration to show you the best deals available in your area for your needs. 

So take the hassle out of choosing the best Internet service provider and find a great deal today! 

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