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IMEI Check: How to Find Your Code

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If you’ve ever been asked for your IMEI number and didn’t know what to say, don’t worry! IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and is a unique 15-digit code that helps identify your mobile device. Every mobile phone is assigned an IMEI number when it is manufactured, and is entirely unique to you. In fact, most phones have their numbers engraved onto the back of the phone! However, it isn’t always that simple to locate it.

On occasion, a technical support agent may ask for your IMEI number if you are facing a problem. By knowing your number, they can help trace your device, identify your phone and get down to the root of the problem. You may need this code when facing technical issues, after losing your phone, or altering your phone plan. Without further ado, we will teach you how to find your own unique code. To conduct an IMEI check, several options are available to you:

Cell Phone IMEI Guide

  • – The simplest solution to find your cell phone IMEI is to enter the code “* # 06 #”. Confirm and start the call and your IMEI code will automatically appear on your screen.
  • – If you can not turn on your phone, you can find your IMEI code on your cell phone battery.
  • – If you have an iPhone, you can find the IMEI code on the back of the mobile phone towards the bottom.
  • – If your phone has been stolen or lost, you can find the IMEI code on the box of your cell phone. If you have not thrown it, you should find on the box your IMEI code. Check also the purchase invoice, the code is also present on it.
  • – As a last resort, contact your carrier’s customer service department. Tell them you are struggling to locate your IMEI number. Give them your personal information, and they should be able to find the code quickly thanks to your customer file. You can also go back to where you bought your mobile to request a new bill.


After a successful IMEI check, we recommend that you write it down somewhere you can keep track of. Although you won’t need to refer to it often, there are many cases in which knowing your IMEI number can help you resolve a technical issue. Unfortunately, some mobile issues are beyond repair, and it may be time for a phone upgrade. Of course, not everyone can afford a brand new iPhone or premium smartphone. Fortunately, Planhub offers an intuitive service to help you find a brand new device and corresponding mobile plan at the lowest possible price in the country.

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