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Who Owns Koodo?

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For over a decade, Koodo has been one of the most popular cell phone providers in the country. Whether you’re a longtime Koodo customer or you’ve been thinking of signing up for their services, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know.  If you’re wondering about who owns Koodo, how much their prices cost, or advantages of signing up for their service, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover all this and more, starting off with Koodo’s current ownership status.

Who Owns Koodo Mobile Canada?

First and foremost, who owns Koodo Mobile Canada? Koodo is currently owned by Telus. In fact, Koodo has always been owned by Telus! The brand was started by Telus to inspire more competition among the industry. Additionally, Koodo allows them to sell different types of plans at lower prices. In addition to Koodo, Telus also owns Public Mobile as a second flanker brand, which they purchased in 2013. While Public Mobile was bought out by Telus, they introduced Koodo on their own. So, despite both being Telus’ flanker brands, Koodo is more of an extension of Telus. 


Following Bell’s introduction of Virgin Plus, Telus decided to introduce a flanker brand of their own. In 2007, Telus formed a partnership with the American provider Amp’d Mobile. They attempted to provide affordable plans towards university and college students, but the partnership failed rather quickly. While Virgin Plus continued to succeed, Telus felt the pressure to introduce a proper flanker brand geared towards younger customers. Finally, Koodo was established in 2008. Since its establishment, Koodo has targeted younger clients, while Telus is more geared towards adults and families. 

What is Koodo All About?

Now that you know about Koodo’s history, it’s time to learn more about what the company truly stands for. Koodo is geared towards younger users, but what does that mean exactly? Simply put, no Koodo plans require long-term contracts, while some of Telus’ mobile plans do. In addition, customers can purchase certified pre-owned devices. These are previously owned cell phones which  Koodo restores and sells at a lower price. For these reasons, Koodo is a great brand for students trying to save a buck. With some of the best prepaid plans in the country and a plethora of pre-owned devices to choose from, they’re a highly affordable mobile carrier. 


Koodo offers other unique features like Shock-Free data, which ensures overage fees never occur. Further, their referral program can let customers save up to $300 on your yearly phone bill. Features like these make Koodo a unique brand with tons of benefits. In a nutshell, Koodo Mobile is a brand that puts the customer first, and tries to reduce the stress of finding a suitable mobile plan or cell phone. If you identify with these kinds of core values, you might benefit from a plan with Koodo. 

Koodo Mobile Plans

Is a plan with Koodo starting to sound up your alley? We don’t blame you. With tons of affordable options, we’d recommend one to students and any customer seeking a cheaper monthly bill. Here are a few of the most popular Koodo Mobile plans as of April 2022:


Mobile Plan – $35 Per Month – 3GB of Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 3GB
  • Price: $35 / Month

Learn more about Koodo’s 3GB mobile plan



Mobile Plan – $55 Per Month – 8GB of Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 16GB
  • Price: $55 / Month

Learn more about Koodo’s 10GB mobile plan  



Mobile Plan – $60 Per Month – 15GB of Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 15GB
  • Price: $60 / Month

Learn more about Koodo’s 15GB mobile plan 


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to summarize all of Koodo’s mobile plans, or we’d end up taking up too much of your time! Keep in mind that this is just a small sample of what they offer. If none of these plans seem appealing to you, they could still offer a plan that’s perfect for you. To read up on more plans and deals, feel free to check out our page on Koodo mobile plans. Here, you can learn about the company’s history, current plans, and read online reviews from customers around the country. 

Koodo Mobile Availability & Coverage

If you’re interested in a plan from Koodo, you’re probably wondering whether or not their mobile network reaches you. Thankfully, Koodo’s plans offer some of the widest coverage in all of Canada. Thanks to their relationship with Telus, all Koodo plans use Telus’ mobile network as well. Telus’ mobile network covers nearly 30% of Canada, but manages to reach around 99% of the population. As long as you live somewhere habitable, you’ll be able to access Koodo’s mobile network. To see more details, take a look at their coverage map below:

For a more detailed coverage map, visit Koodo’s website. You can type in your address and confirm whether or not their network reaches your home.

Koodo’s Main Competitors

As one of the country’s most beloved providers, Koodo has many competitors within the industry. First off, the flanker brands from Bell and Rogers are Koodo’s biggest rivals. Since Telus, Bell and Rogers act as the three biggest telecom companies in the country, their flanker brands also compete to dominate the market. Brands like Virgin Plus (owned by Bell) and Fido (owned by Rogers) stand out, as well as other prepaid carriers around the country. 


Essentially, Koodo is at war with every provider that offers cheap, pay as you go plans. Koodo Mobile lets customers order their SIM cards online. As a result, other providers that function similarly (Chatr, Freedom Mobile, Fizz) are directly competing with Koodo. Regardless, Koodo still manages to have a leg up over the competition, with numerous store and kiosk locations nationwide, while many newer brands function entirely online. Lastly, Koodo has worked hard to establish a solid reputation. Since 2008, Canadians have associated the brand with affordable prices and constant deals. Even if a brand new provider offers similar prices and great deals, a reputation as strong as Koodo’s cannot be built overnight.

Koodo Mobile Advantages

Last but not least, we wanted to highlight the main advantages of joining Koodo Mobile. Whether you’re a prospective customer thinking about joining or you’ve been with Koodo for years, this section should remind you of all the carrier’s greatest strengths. Afterwards, we’ll also highlight some notable disadvantages and criticisms that users have pointed out throughout the years. 


Koodo Mobile Advantages

  • No long-term contracts ever needed
  • Huge coverage, supposedly reaching 99% of Canadians
  • “Shock-Free” Data → ensures overage charges never take place
  • Certified Pre-Owned cell phones are available at affordable prices
  • Referral program can let you save a smooch as $300 per year 
  • You have the option to order your plan online or bring your phone to a store/kiosk
  • Regular promotions and discounts


Koodo Mobile Disadvantages

  • No plan includes long distance calling → needs to be purchased as an add-on
  • Difficult to order online if you’re new to Canada → you need a Canadian credit card, SIN or driver’s license
  • A credit check is required for all new customers 

Who Owns Koodo Canada – Conclusion

At last, you should know who owns Koodo Canada and much more. If you’re thinking about joining Koodo, you have all the tools in front of you, all you need to do is make a decision! Do you think the pros outweigh the cons? If so, they could be a perfect provider for you. If you’re still not sure, there’s no harm at all. You can always conduct more research, or look into a different phone brand. You should never settle for a phone plan, try to always choose one that seems perfect for you.


Obviously, finding the perfect phone plan is easier said than done. However, we at PlanHub can make the journey much less stressful than ever before. Our mobile plan searching tool is incredibly simple, and can help you find a plan right away. After answering a few basic questions about your preferences, you’ll be matched up with tons of plans that match your needs. From there, all you need to do is choose one from the list that you like the most, and sign up! In a few days, you’ll be able to get started and enjoy your new plan. 

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