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How to Sign up for a Mobile Plan Without a Credit Score

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Credit checks are a necessary process when purchasing things like cars, houses and several mobile plans. Before you can access these services, companies like to make sure that you have a good credit score. In other words, they want to ensure that you have a history of paying off your credit card bills on time. If you have a low credit score, they may refuse your service. But what if  you don’t have any credit score at all? If you don’t have a credit card or just got one recently, you may feel as if you’re missing out on making many important purchases. Regardless, we’ll teach you how to sign up for a mobile plan without a credit score.


Prepaid Plans

The most popular option to avoid credit scores is to sign up for a prepaid mobile plan. Prepaid “pay as you go” plans typically require monthly payments through an app or website. At the start of every month, you can choose to pay for the same amount of data, or change the amount entirely. Prepaid plans never include contracts or credit checks, so you can switch between providers at your leisure. For most pay as you go plans, you’ll need to order a SIM card for around $10. From there, you usually need to download an app or visit the provider’s website to start paying for your first month.


There are tons of providers currently offering prepaid plans. Many smaller carriers exclusively offer prepaid plans. Carriers like PC Mobile, Public Mobile and Fizz function entirely online. Still, if you want a plan with a larger company, you’re in luck. Even Canada’s largest providers like Telus and Bell offer prepaid plans that don’t require credit checks or long-term contracts. With dozens of options to choose from, we recommend signing up for a prepaid plan if you don’t have a credit score.

You can also pay for your telecom bills with a prepaid Koho Mastercard. As it is a prepaid card, everyone qualifies for it and it allows you to earn cash back on many of your expenses!

Family Plans

If you’re not interested in a prepaid plan, there’s no problem. It’s possible that you may want a more long-term plan with a contract from one of Canada’s major providers. If you still want to access a plan like this without having to go through a credit check, you can turn to a family plan. If you have a family member with a decent credit score, they can add you to their family line. As their family member, you’ll be able to share data, save on your mobile plans, and avoid a credit check!


Security Deposit/Co-Sign

If joining a family plan isn’t what you had in mind, there are still ways to access a premium phone plan without a credit score. These two methods are not guaranteed, but are worth trying if you truly want a certain plan. First up, you can try paying a security deposit when signing up for your plan. If you have enough money, you can choose to pay for your plan up-front instead of on a monthly schedule. This way, the carrier understands that you can afford the plan without having to conduct a credit check. Of course, this method may not be appealing to all since you need to pay a large sum of money at once.


If you want to avoid large single payments, you can try talking to your provider about a co-signer. If you can find a close friend or family member with a good credit score, they can act as your co-signer. Meaning, the plan will be paid for in their name, with you being added onto the account. The only risk to this method is that it could negatively impact your co-signer’s credit score if you are late or miss a payment.


International Credit Score

Finally, if you don’t have a credit score because you recently arrived from a different country, you can try using your international credit score. Finding mobile plans for newcomers in Canada is no simple task. However, you can turn to a number of services and websites to “translate” your credit score from your previous country. This way, Canadian institutions will accept it, and you can sign up for a phone plan even if you haven’t established a credit score in Canada.



Credit scores are a complicated system that shouldn’t have to hold you back. There are many options to help you find your ideal phone plan without a valid Canadian credit score. Whether you turn to a simple prepaid plan or recruit a close friend to act as your co-signer, there are many great methods available. No matter which one you choose, make sure it’s one that you can afford and feel comfortable doing.


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