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PC Mobile Canada offers numerous prepaid phone plans at affordable prices. Owned by President’s Choice, these plans can be purchased online, or at participating grocery stores. Although there is no designated PC Mobile shop, this allows customers to browse plans while out on a grocery run. Further, if you already have a PC optimum card, your PC Mobile plans will earn you even more points. Overall, PC Mobile could be a good choice for you depending on what you want. If you’re a dedicated President’s Choice customer in search of a cheap, commitment-free provider, PC Mobile’s services could be right up your alley.
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All PC Mobile prepaid plans include unlimited nationwide calling/texting and no long-term contract. Additionally, three PC Mobile phones can be purchased at select locations or online. Finally, customers should download the PC Mobile app to get the full customer experience and enjoy an array of benefits.

PC Mobile Customer Service

Do you have a specific question about an offer, have a complaint, or just want to contact PC Mobile customer service directly? We've listed a few numbers and other useful links to help you in your efforts.

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PC Mobile https://www.planhub.ca/img/logo/pc-mobile.png 405 Av. Ogilvy Suite: 101 Montréal QC H3N 1M3 +15149527325 $$ 6 2.1
PC Mobile

They changed their payment method. I have $225 left in my account and now they charge me $10 per month for 10 minutes of calls per month and I have to deposit $100 to keep my account active. Disagree

PC Mobile

PC Mobile is the most un-user friendly service I've used. No way to get support on their website, the required app is terrible and they just go ahead and double bill you.

Stay away! The PC points are not worth the aggravation.

PC Mobile

Horrible choice of provider. I thought I'd save money with a 30 dollar plan and the 2 gig data. Well they said i went over and that i got a message saying I'd hit 90 percent usage when i didn't and then refused to help me in this regard. I topped up the account with 50 bucks only to have to pay another 50 in five days or lose the account. I feel like I've been robbed, I'll be going elsewhere and I More

PC Mobile

Horrible company. Rips people off their money. Suggests an automatic pay plan but does not go through promise. NEVER AGAIN!


PC Mobile Availability

PC Mobile is offered nationwide. Since they use Bell’s mobile network, PC Mobile availability is highly expansive, and offered all over Canada. If you want to confirm whether their services are available in your region, try contacting them or visiting their website.

Frequently Asked Questions about PC Mobile

PC Mobile’s prepaid and pay as you go plans are the same. They allow users to pay for mobile plans one month at a time, rather than signing a long-term contract.

Yes, users can log in on PC Mobile’s website or app to track their usage and top up their funds.

Users can sign up for PC Mobile prepaid by visiting a store/kiosk and speaking to a sales representative. They will provide you with a PC Mobile SIM card. Alternatively, you could order a SIM card online.

PC Mobile’s prepaid service avoids long-term contracts, allowing customers to try out a number of plans until they find one that suits them perfectly.

PC Mobile can save you a considerable amount if you become a dedicated customer. Users can earn far more PC Optimum points which can grant you all kinds of savings at Loblaws/Provigo grocery stores.