7-Eleven SpeakOut phone plans: The importance of pay-per-use

We all know how difficult searching for a mobile plan can be. Reading through all the offers and promotions can feel endless. Fortunately, 7-Eleven's SpeakOut phone plans may be ideal for you. Their "pay as you go" approach avoids feelings of commitment and obligation. SpeakOut's prepaid plans serve customers across Canada.

7-Eleven Speakout Pros & Cons

If you are on this page you may be wondering “Is 7-Eleven Speakout a good choice ?” As an impartial price comparator PlanHub can’t directly answer this question but here are objective and factual factors to consider so you can make up your own opinion on the subject.

7-Eleven Speakout

More about 7-Eleven SpeakOut cell phone plans

7-Eleven SpeakOut cell phone plans was started by the popular American convenience store chain 7-Eleven. The mobile network was launched in 2003 for American consumers and expanded to Canada in 2005. In 2010, SpeakOut stopped providing service in the United States, but continued operating in Canada. SpeakOut uses Rogers mobile network, and is currently available everywhere in Canada aside from Quebec and the territories

Comparative review of 7-Eleven SpeakOut mobile plans in Canada

7-Eleven SpeakOut's prepaid plans are simple and straightforward. They offer a variety of flat rates depending on the kind of service you need. All 7-Eleven SpeakOut mobile plans include unlimited nationwide calling and international texting, all you need to consider is how much data you want per month.

Additional information about 7-Eleven SpeakOut

7-Eleven SpeakOut's "pay as you go"

You may be wondering what SpeakOut means when it talks about pay-per-use plans. Simply put, plans adjust to your monthly needs. Rather than committing to a fixed monthly fee of data, you can change your bill each month depending on how much data you need. Additionally, you can "top up" your data during the month through SpeakOut's website whenever you wish. This approach is very attractive to users who are tired of contracts, or wasting money by frequently going over or under their monthly data usage.

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All about 7-Eleven SpeakOut's mobile network coverage

Although 7-Eleven SpeakOut plans are only available in a few provinces, their coverage spans the entire country. Due to the usage of Rogers' network, they can offer affordable prepaid plans with extensive coverage. For more details on 7-Eleven SpeakOut's network, check out their coverage map online.