Cogeco announces its acquisition of Oxio 

No one expected it, yet cable operator Cogeco has just announced the acquisition of Oxio. Should Oxio customers expect changes? In a press release, Cogeco Connexion has just announced the acquisition of Oxio for an amount that has not yet been specified. In the context of buyouts among various Canadian operators and suppliers, Quebec-based Cogeco […]

Disney Plus Ad Plan: Everything We Know So Far

A user logging into Disney Plus, a popular streaming service whose ad plan could change the entire industry.

In March 2022, Disney Plus announced their plans to incorporate a more affordable ad plan. As opposed to their regular plan (which costs $11.99 a month), this plan would be slightly cheaper. In exchange, a certain amount of advertisements will appear on the service when viewing content. Currently, streaming on Disney Plus is ad-free, as […]

LG DVLED Home Cinema: The $2 Million Television

A home theatre system with a huge TV screen stretching along the wall, reminiscent of the LG DVLED home cinema models.

Although cable is becoming less popular among homes, the need for a large and beautiful television set still remains in high demand. Currently, the TV market is highly competitive. As technology rapidly develops, the world’s major brands are scrambling to produce the most impressive television sets. 4K HDR TVs are the current industry standard, with […]

Disney’s 2021 Movie Lineup to Release Exclusively in Theatres

A view of the iconic Disney castle, one of the first images audiences will see when sitting down for Disney's 2021 movie lineup.

The Walt Disney Company recently made an announcement regarding their upcoming films for the remainder of 2021. These six movies will have exclusive theatrical releases, and become available on Disney Plus after a minimum of 45 days. This may come as a disappointment to hardcore Disney Plus fans, who have been able to enjoy blockbusters […]

The Best 4K HDR TV 2021

After reading our guide, you'll have a better understanding of the best 4K HDR TV currently available.

4K TVs have quickly taken over as the new standard for high definition television sets. They are undoubtedly the most visually impressive TVs available. With so many companies manufacturing them, it may seem daunting if you’re thinking about purchasing one. Thankfully, this article will go over everything you need to know. From explaining all the […]

Where To Watch NHL Games

Where To Watch NHL Games

While the NHL playoffs have just wrapped up, a good thing to know for the 2021-22 regular season is where to watch your favourite team’s NHL games. The most popular place to watch games is on CBC every Saturday night, however that’s only one night a week. There are a lot more places you will […]

Where to Watch the Olympics

Where to watch the Olympics

As the Tokyo Olympics approach one question remains: “Where can I watch the Olympic games in Canada?” Like every other Olympic games there will be a variety of channels showing different events. In terms of choosing which channel to at a given moment will depend on what you want to watch. For the most part, […]