What are the free alternatives to Netflix Canada?

The end of account sharing has been hard on Netflix Canada customers. Beyond those who shared their account with a stranger, it is the families whose student children were using the family access that find themselves the most penalized. However, there are still some methods to share Netflix for free that we will reveal to […]

Fibe TV vs Cable

A remote controlling a Smart TV, which could be on either side of the Fibe TV vs cable debate

Despite the increasing popularity of internet streaming services, households across Canada continue to watch television the “old fashioned” way. Of course, we’re talking about traditional cable TV, where customers pay every month for access to different channels. However, due to technological advancements within the industry, there are now more ways to watch television than ever […]

Disney Plus Ad Plan: Everything We Know So Far

A user logging into Disney Plus, a popular streaming service whose ad plan could change the entire industry.

In March 2022, Disney Plus announced their plans to incorporate a more affordable ad plan. As opposed to their regular plan (which costs $11.99 a month), this plan would be slightly cheaper. In exchange, a certain amount of advertisements will appear on the service when viewing content. Currently, streaming on Disney Plus is ad-free, as […]

How to Watch Formula 1 Live in Canada

A picture of a Formula 1 car racing on a track, an exciting event which you can learn how to watch live in Canada!

As of March 20th 2022, Formula 1 season is officially back! This year, fans can enjoy 23 grand prix races that take place all over the world. This year’s race calendar outlines races in Melbourne, Singapore, Montreal and more. With so many races in different time zones, all fans will need a suitable way to […]

Amazon Prime Video Canada: What to Watch in 2022

A large television displays the Prime Video logo, a sight many Amazon Prime Video Canada users are familiar with.

Amazon Prime Video is currently one of Canada’s best streaming services, reaching the same level as Netflix and Disney Plus. However, Prime Video’s accessibility manages to distinguish it from its competitors. Users typically need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to enjoy their streaming service. On the other hand, Prime Video is unlocked if […]

How Much is Netflix Canada?

Netflix on a screen

In just a few years, Netflix has grown to be a major player in the entertainment business and a household staple. Netflix has a monthly subscription of about 20 million Canadians who watch original programs, classic films, and animated movies. While Netflix has long been open to account sharing, even tweeting about its enthusiasm for […]

LG DVLED Home Cinema: The $2 Million Television

A home theatre system with a huge TV screen stretching along the wall, reminiscent of the LG DVLED home cinema models.

Although cable is becoming less popular among homes, the need for a large and beautiful television set still remains in high demand. Currently, the TV market is highly competitive. As technology rapidly develops, the world’s major brands are scrambling to produce the most impressive television sets. 4K HDR TVs are the current industry standard, with […]

Does AT&T Have a Streaming Service?

An AT&T building in Nashville, where employees are likely buzzing with excitement about the upcoming AT&T streaming service.

AT&T is one of those companies that hardly needs an introduction. As one of the largest telecom companies in the world, they provide internet and mobile plans to millions of customers across the United States. As such a large company, they also own several subsidiaries and companies that operate below them. This allows AT&T to […]

Video Games on Netflix: What Users Can Expect

Video games on Netflix could be a reality sooner than you think. The streaming giant is working hard towards this next step!

Individuals around the world recognize Netflix. The industry giant has become synonymous with movie and TV streaming, and has gained millions of monthly subscribers around the world. Without a doubt, Netflix has earned its reputation as one of the world’s best streaming services. However, the company recently announced that it will be expanding into another […]