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New Videotron mobile plan with free unlimited music

Videotron launched a new offer for his monthly plan, Unlimited Music. From now on those who use streaming music application will be able to listen to music without consuming any data.

Customers who will get a Premium Data Plan with 2GB ( $65 a month), will have an unlimited access to Spotify, Google Play Music, Stingray and Rdio on their mobile. Songza should join them quickly.

The audio streamed over those applications will no longer be counted in the bandwidth, in other terms, you will not consume any data. This is a great new for those who forget to turn on their Wi-Fi when they use those applications, or those who have high bills because those applications consume too much data.

According to Videotron someone who listen music 1 hour a day consumes about 2GB per month just for that. Of course, it all depends on the audio format you use. For example, if you use the best audio quality with Spotify : you consume about 1 GB in 8 days, 115.2 MB per hour ( 320 Kpbs). Therefore, those plans are interesting if you listen to those applications 1 hour a day on your mobile using your mobile network.

For those who would like to compare that offer from Videotron to the offer from Fido (Spotify Premium), be careful. Videotron does not offer a Premium Account to those websites. You cannot download any music, in order to that you need to have an account with Spotify, or Deezer…You can only stream the music on the LTE network (apparently even if the network switches to 3G your data will not be consumed).

One of the problems with the Unlimited Music is that it might violate federal regulation about competing. In January, the CRTC ruled that Bell offering 10 hours of free TV streaming was anti-competitive. The CRTC should give a statement about Unlimited Music soon.


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