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Apple Refurbished Canada: How to Buy Used iPhones Online

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For years, Apple fans have flocked to the Apple Store to buy the latest and greatest iPhone brand new. After all, who wouldn’t want their very own shiny new iPhone? Of course, now that the latest and greatest iPhones cost well over a thousand bucks, people have started to rethink the standard. Instead of always buying new cell phones, it makes a lot of sense to consider buying them secondhand or even an Apple refurbished mobile.


Now of course, you can go on Kijiji or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to buy a ‘like new’ iPhone with no warranties, but that comes with its own inherent risks. Other, more respectable options include going via a company that specialises in used iPhone sales and buy through them. We’ve written before about companies such as GetOrchard and Cell Clinic who not only offer good deals but also a 90 day warranty on all used-device sales.  But now, even that is not necessary. With the launch of the iPhone 13, Apple has started offering refurbished iPhones for sale in its Canada store as well. No longer is this service limited just to America. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Apple refurbished Canada.

How Apple Refurbishes iPhones

Obviously, refurbished devices mean they were previously owned and were restored by Apple. Does that mean that you should worry about the phones having been previously owned and perhaps not functioning like new? Not with Apple. Why? Because we know exactly what Apple does to make their refurbished devices feel and work like brand new.  


According to their website, all Apple certified refurbished iPhones come with a brand new battery and outer shell. In addition, Apple cleans and thoroughly tests its phones and replaces any parts that may be underperforming. Repackaged in a new box with included cables and accessories and voila! the used phone is a lot more brand new! All Apple refurbished iPhones also include a one-year warranty, as well as free delivery and returns. So in case you’re counting: that’s one as-good-as-new iPhone, cost savings, one year warranty, original cable and any included accessories and free shipping and returns! Sounds like an excellent deal to us.

List of Apple’s Refurbished iPhones

Intrigued? Here’s our list of all refurbished iPhones Canadians can buy from Apple. We’ve included the listed price, original price, as well as how much users would save from buying a pre-owned cell phone:

  • Refurbished iPhone XS Max 64GB (Silver, Gold or Space Grey) – $879 rather than $1379 brand new (save $500)
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro 64GB (Space Grey, Silver, Gold or Midnight Green) – $939 rather than $1244 brand new (save $305)
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro 256GB (Space Grey, Silver, Gold or Midnight Green) – $1059 rather than $1384 brand new (save $325)
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB (Gold, Space Grey or Midnight Green) – $1059 rather than $1354 brand new (save $295)
  • Refurbished iPhone XS Max 256GB (Silver, Gold or Space Grey) – $1059 rather than $1589 brand new (save $530)
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB (Space Grey, Silver, Gold or Midnight Green) – $1169 rather than $1494 brand new (save $325)
  • Refurbished iPhone XS Max 512GB (Space Grey, Silver or Gold) – $1299 rather than $1859 brand new (save $560)
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro 512GB (Space Grey, Silver, Gold or Midnight Green) – $1309 rather than $1654 brand new (save $345)
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB (Space Grey, Silver, Gold or Midnight Green) – $1409 rather than $1764 brand new (save $355)

Other Refurbished Devices from Apple

Apple Refurbished is not restricted to iPhones alone, of course! Canadians can also purchase other refurbished devices from Apple. Customers can save big on all the latest iPad models. However, their Mac section offers more. From the brand new M1 desktop computers to portable MacBooks, there is something for everyone. The website also includes tabs for iPods and other accessories, but there are no products for sale on these pages.  We’re looking forward to seeing some of Apple’s best selling accessories show up in the refurbished store and maybe Canadians can save big on AirPods and the Apple Pencil.

How to Purchase Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro

Now that you know all about Apple’s refurbished products, you are ready to proceed with your purchase. Fortunately, the process is very simple and can be conducted entirely online. Go to the Certified Refurbished section of Apple’s website, choose the iPhone model of your choice, make sure the device storage and colour is to your liking and from there, you can either ship the phone directly to your home or choose to pick it up at an Apple Store in some cases. 

Can Refurbished iPhones Be Purchased at the Apple Store?

While the process of buying a pre-owned iPhone is incredibly simple online, can refurbished iPhones be purchased at the Apple Store? As of right now, no. All Certified Refurbished products are exclusively available online. Apple has not announced any plans to start selling refurbished devices at their store locations. However, if such an announcement is ever made, you can be sure that we’ll let you know! 

Refurbished iPhone Alternatives

If a used iPhone from even Apple is too much hassle, fear not, there are yet more alternatives! If you would much rather buy a used device directly from your carrier and have the additional option of financing it thereby making it even more affordable (potentially), then you’ll be happy to know that most Canadian carriers including the Big 3 as well as their flanker brands are all starting to offer pre-owned iPhones. Certified Pre-Owned iPhones from Telus, Rogers, Koodo and Fido are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being resold. Just like Apple, the device comes in a new box with all essential cables, so it feels like buying a brand new device at a lower price. Again, this service is currently only available online, not in any retail stores or kiosks. If you are with one of these providers, you have two different options for buying a refurbished iPhone. Make sure to compare and contrast the two offers to see which seems better for you. 

Apple refurbished : Conclusion

So, now that Apple Refurbished is finally in Canada, tell us, are you excited? Do you think you’ll choose Apple or go with your carrier? Let us know in the comments below and as always, once you’ve bought your new-to-you phone, the best place to look for an awesome deal on your mobile plan is always PlanHub.

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